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IABSE Milne Medal 2017 Winner Announced
The British Group of IABSE is pleased to announce that this year's winner of the coveted Milne Medal is Roger Ridsdill Smith, Head of Structural Engineering and a Senior Partner at Foster + Partners. Every year, the British Group of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) awards a medal to an individual engineer for excellence in structural design, read more here..

SEI 3/2017
The August issue of Structural Engineering International SEI 3/17, has been printed and is on its way to Members and subscribers. This issue presents ‘Forensics in Structural Engineering’ with Scientific Papers, Technical Reports and General Reports. See the Table of Contents and download the free article ‘An Overview of Forensic Structural Engineering, by Robert T. Ratay’ here..

Trip to China
Executive Director, Chep Uytiepo was invited by Zhigang Yang, Chief Editor of BRIDGE Magazine (China), to attend ‘Symposium on Bridge Cable System Development and Structural Innovations’ held in Wuhu on May 18-19, 2017. It was a great opportunity to boost promotion of IABSE in China and to setup closer collaboration between our organisations, more. More..


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