Calendar of Events



September 17-20
Cagliari, Italy
  MHEE2019 - 1st Short Course on Multihazard for Extreme Events
(co-sponsored by IABSE)
October 2-4
Porto, Portugal
  ARCH 2019 - 9th International Conference on Arch Bridges
(co-sponsored by IABSE)
November 10-14
Cairo, Egypt
  GeoMEast 2019 - 3rd International Congress and Exhibition
(co-sponsored by IABSE)


May 20-22
Wroclaw, Poland
  IABSE Symposium Wroclaw 2020
Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering - History and Challenges
(Annual Meetings precede the Conference)
June 15-18
Sapporo, Japan
  RocExs2020 - 7th Interdisciplinary Workshop
(co-sponsored by IABSE)
September 2-4
Christchurch, New Zealand
  IABSE Congress Christchurch 2020
‘Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures’
(Annual Meetings precede the Conference)


June 16-18
Poznań, Poland
  ICMS2021 - 14th International Conference on Metal Structures
(co-sponsored by IABSE)
September 22-24
Ghent, Belgium
  IABSE Congress Ghent 2021
Structural Engineering for Future Societal Needs