Accepted Abstracts

Here you will find, classified by topic, the titles of ABSTRACTS that have been accepted to be published in the technical proceedings of this workshop as an article/full paper and for an oral presentation during the event.

I     Structural analysis and experimental work
II    Structural design
III   Foundations, abutments, piers and walls
IV   Joints, bearings and anti-seismic devices
V    Maintenance and rehabilitation
VI   System identification and health monitoring studies

Accepted Abstract by Topics


Structural analysis and experimental work

Author    Title 
I-01 Hugo Hernández Barrios
  Strengthening of road bridges with FRP Systems
I-02 Mattia Francesco Bado

  Structural Health Monitoring through Distributed Optical Fibre Sensors (DOFS) embedded in RC Structures
I-03 Mauro Niño Lázaro
  Seismic resilience of vehicular bridges located in Mexico City
I-04 Patel Dhaval

  Enhancing the seismic performance of RCC frames using different concrete mixes

I-05 Laura Robles

  The impact of crustal and intraplate earthquakes on the structural behaviour of Mexican concrete highway bridges
I-06 José Anibal Saracho

  Selection and scaled of accelerograms for dynamic analysis in
fragility studies in bridges of Argentina

I-07 Edgar Tapia Hernández
  Viability of short-span steel bridges 
I-08 Darwin Vargas

  Temporary structures required for the seismic retrofit of the
Vincent Thomas Bridge 

I-09 Ernesto Morales
  Static and dynamic tests of “2 DE ABRIL” bridge
I-10 Darío Rivera Vargas

  Experimental tests of RC bridge columns to understand
seismic performance

I-11 Atorod Azizinamini

  Accelerated bridge Construction: Past, Present and Future
and ABC-UTC Activities



Structural Design

Author    Title 
II-01 Alejandro Hernández Martínez   Assessment of live load effects on existing bridges 
II-03 Héctor Sánchez Sánchez

  Determination of overresistance factors R for seisimic design spectra in bridges
II-04 Abel Noè Xochicale Cortés

  Rational procedure in the design of bridges using prestressed concrete beams,
a theoretical-practical method in search of sustainable structures


Author    Title 
II-02 Francisco Delgado
  Obras viales con estructuras prefabricadas presforzadas de concreto 




Foundations, abutments, piers and walls

Author     Title 
III-01 Freddy Durán Cárdenas

  Rapid evaluation of seismic response of bridge and piers and pile foundations
considering soil-structure interaction effects by using the mass-spring model



Joints, bearings and anti-seismic devices

Author    Title 
IV-02 Peter Huber

  Seismic isolator, damper and expansion joint system for two viaducts of
Toluca – Mexico City intercity train

IV-03 Andrés Badial López
  Analysis of fault-crossing bridges in Managua with seismic isolation devices 
IV-05 Carlos Méndez Galindo
  The modular expansion joints of the Sheikh Jaber Causeway in Kuwait 
IV-06 Carlos Méndez Galindo
  Testing of key bridge components to ensure effective life-cycle performance 
IV-07 Carlos Méndez Galindo

  Reduction of maintenance-related disruption to bridge serviceability: use of
key structural components 

IV-08 Carlos Méndez Galindo 
  Application of seismic protection technologies in bridges in Latin America 


IV-01 Fernando Zamorano Bernal
  Pendular isolation applied to a cable-stayed bridge 
IV-04 Eduardo Reyes

  Seismic response of a bridge with seismic base isolators under strong earthquakes near the failure of the Mexican Pacific
IV-09 José Manuel Rojas Guzmán

  Design of vehicular bridges with friction-type pendulum isolators in Tijuana City, B.C.N.




Maintenance and rehabilitation

V-02 Youyou Zhang

Evaluation of bridge deck replacement strategies for post-tensioned
concrete box-girder bridges 

V-03 David Cervantes Amaya 

Structural Health Monitoring in metal bridge under construction 
V-04 Martín Aguilar

Road infrastructure resilience to man-provoked disasters Carrizo Bridge:
fire and functionality recover

V-05 David de León Escobedo

Compensation factors in bridges located on seismic zones when the
provided concrete strength is lower than the nominal value 



Author    Title
V-01 Prasad Bagish 
  A guideline for bridge inventory, inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation 



System identification and health monitoring studies

VI-01 José Ramón Gaxiola Camacho

Structural health monitoring of bridges using GPS technology 
VI-02 Isaac Farreras Alcover

Damage detection of cracked pavement sections in bridges via strain
and temperature monitoring 

VI-03 Gilles Van Staen

Short and long-term monitoring of railway viaducts 
VI-04 David Cervantes Amaya

Repair project of a vehicular bridge damaged during the 2017
Puebla-Morelos earthquake: seismic evaluation

VI-05 Jorge Hernández

Processing and analysis methods for SHM data from highway bridges
VI-06 Eduardo Ismael Hernández

Seismic vulnerability assessment of bridges using updated FEM 
VI-07 Álvaro Martínez

Assessment for direct and indirect methods to measure the tension of
cables in stayed bridges 

VI-08 Juan Quintana 

SHM System for Carrizo Bridge rehabilitation 
VI-09 Carlos Méndez Galindo

The extensive structural Health Monitoring System of the the new
Champlain Bridge