Message from the Organisers


Dr. Woo-Jong Kim
Chair OC
DM Engineering Co., Ltd
  Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim
Chair SC
Seoul National University
  Prof. Junho Song
Vice-Chair OC
Seoul National University

The IABSE Korean Group is excited to invite you to the IABSE Conference, Seoul 2020, which will be held November 9~10 in Seoul, Korea. During the past 30 years, the infrastructure in Korea has undergone dramatic growth. More than 60 cable-supported bridges were constructed in this period and about 20 more bridges are currently under construction. During this boom in construction, Korean engineers have worked with overseas engineers to construct world-famous infrastructures such as the Third Bosporus Bridge, the Chacao Channel Bridge, and the Canakkale Bridge.

During this development, engineers and researchers have been aware of the necessity to prepare resilient and sustainable strategies and solutions for the infrastructure design and maintenance that are based on a knowledge of various risks and uncertainties. The principle of “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP) is now applied to some risk issues for mega-infrastructure projects. However, the types and levels of risk have yet to be discussed thoroughly by engineering and academic societies for infrastructures that include bridges, buildings, tunnels, and ocean and energy structures. Since the issues involving risk are basically based on probability and an understanding of the infrastructures, the systematic interactions between structural identification, monitoring, knowledge-based maintenance, and the management of large amounts of data management are required to develop ‘risk intelligence of infrastructures’.

The Korean Group of IABSE invites you to this special event. The Scientific Committee will invite a balance of keynote speakers and experts from engineering and academic societies, in order to discuss and share practical ways forward in this area by providing single or limited numbers of parallel sessions for the sake of concentration. This attempt is encouraged by the IABSE’s new strategy of hosting problem-focused events. The organizers hope to derive a Seoul 2020 Agenda for ‘risk intelligence of infrastructures’ through this conference. We are looking forward to your interest and support.