Themes and Topics

  • Civil engineering structures as monuments of culture and technical development: learning from the past; technologies leading to leaps in civil engineering techniques; artistic works in civil engineering; societal impacts on civil works; military structures and civil engineering; cultural and non-engineering values; asset management of historical structures and monuments; dealing with new structures in historic environment.

  • Condition assessment of contemporary and historical structures: degradation mechanisms and defects; testing and classification of historical materials; structural behaviour of historical construction materials; inspection, testing and monitoring of structures; structural analysis of structures with defects.

  • Conservation, upgrading and management of contemporary and historical structures: structural and functional challenges – extreme loads, fire hazards, climate changes, ecological requests; rehabilitation techniques and materials; performance-based management; artificial intelligence and virtual reality in asset management.

  • Future of civil engineering structures: exceptional structures; civil engineering in response to demographic growth; sustainability-based structural design; advanced materials and building technologies; current and future cultural and societal impacts on civil engineering works; quality control and risk management.