Web-Meeting for IABSE Committee Members

IABSE Committee members are invited to use this Zoom platform for free for their IABSE related meetings.

Zoom main features are the following:
*  Up to 100 interactive HD video participants (add-ons for larger meetings available up to 500)
*  Participants join from mobile, tablet, desktop, H.323/SIP room systems, telephone, and Zoom Rooms
*  Audio options for attendees (VoIP, Call-In, Call-Out, and Global Toll-Free available)
*  Share any content, including video clips with audio
*  Simultaneous screen sharing
*  Record your meetings – local or cloud, MP4 and M4A
*  Personal meeting URL
*  Works with Skype for Business and Slack
*  Mobile apps that allow you to schedule, start, or join a meeting – even present content from your phone or tablet
* Video Breakout Rooms for small group work
* Completely secure with end-to-end encryption

Meetings are scheduled by meeting organisers and are on a 'first come first served' basis.  
If you are a current IABSE Committee member and wish to use the Zoom, please contact IABSE Secretariat secretariat@iabse.org for the login credentials and click on the link below.

NOTE:  Uninvited participants who have received your email invitation may manage to join the session. The meeting organiser can disconnect unwanted participants at any time.