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IABSE Conference Bath 2017
‘Creativity and Collaboration – Instilling Imagination and Innovation in Structural Design’

The IABSE Conference ‘Creativity and Collaboration – Instilling Imagination and Innovation in Structural Design’, will be held from April 19-20, 2017, at Bath University, Bath, UK.
This Conference aims to address the whole area of creativity in design and the collaborative processes that generate innovation and design excellence in the built environment. In addition to learning from some examples from completed projects, the event will focus on current and future work, with the emphasis being on conceptual design and the design process itself rather than just the end result.

How can we encourage greater creativity and imagination in design? How can cutting edge research be used to influence design processes and outcomes? How can designers work together and collaborate more effectively in today's design context? How can we develop an innovation mindset in structural designers? The event will address these and other related questions exploring creativity and collaboration in the structural design process.

Within the overall theme of the conference, sessions will be grouped according to the following Conference Topics:
1. Creative conceptual design
2. Digital workflows and computational design tools
3. Collaboration and integration in the conceptual design process
4. Educating, inspiring and developing creative and innovative designers
5. The influence of social, historical and cultural values in conceptual design
6. Balancing innovation and risk - making sound judgments in the design process
7. Innovative design methods for renovation and strengthening of existing and heritage structures

The event will appeal to engineers, architects, planners, educators, researchers and all those concerned about achieving innovation and improving creativity in design for the built environment.

Conference Format
The event will comprise plenary sessions, parallel sessions and design workshops. The plenary sessions will include keynote lectures by invited speakers related to the theme of the conference. Building on the precedent established at the IABSE Geneva Conference in 2015, the parallel sessions will be of two types:

Lecture Sessions: conventional lecture format with presentations and an opportunity for short discussions. Abstracts for papers to be presented in these sessions are now invited.
Seminar Sessions: a few short presentations to describe the theme/topic of the seminar followed by round table discussion facilitated by the session Chairman, with maximum interaction from the delegates. Ideas for these interactive sessions are now invited.

Workshops: In addition, there will be a series of practical, creative design workshops or charrettes. These will offer delegates the opportunity to participate and interact in small groups facilitated by established designers and practitioners. The workshops will incorporate aspects of online collaborative working and data sharing with our international partners in South Africa and elsewhere. More details on these design workshops will be published nearer the time, but delegates will have the opportunity to choose whether to participate in one or more of the workshops and/or attend the parallel sessions. Numbers will be limited, and applications to participate in a workshop will need to be made in advance of the event.

The submission deadline for ideas and abstracts is December 12, 2016 (extended). The Preliminary Invitation and more information are available at:  


For more information, please contact: 
Brindarica Bose
Communications and Publications Manager 
IABSE c/o ETH Zurich
Hoenggerberg HIL E21.3 
8049 Zurich 

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