Guidelines for Authors

If you wish to submit a manuscript, please submit the following to the SEI Online Management System. 

Please follow the Author Guidelines and use the SEI template (dotm. File) and the related authoring guidelines, this will greatly facilitate the review and editorial process.
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If you have any questions, please contact the Publications Manager /

SEI Submission:
Authors can submit papers to SEI throughout the year. Each issue of SEI publishes papers on GENERAL TOPICS as well as on SPECIAL TOPICS.
For General topics, authors are requested to submit Full Papers only (and NOT abstracts). For Special topics, please submit an Abstract.

Future Topics in SEI 2019-2020

SEI May 2019: Best of IABSE Vancouver Symposium papers (invited authors) and general reports

SEI August 2019: Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Structures

SEI November 2019: Extending the Design Life of Structurally Deficient Steel and Composite Bridges 

SEI February 2020: Recent Structures and Research worldwide

SEI May 2020: Recent Structures and Research in New Zealand and Australia

SEI August 2020: Invited papers for ‘Best of IABSE Nantes Symposium’ on the topic ‘Tomorrow’s Megastructures’

SEI November 2020: Tunnels and Underground Structures (Call for Abstracts by April 30, 2019,
Read the description here..) + 
Invited papers for ‘Best of IABSE Symposium in Copenhagen’ on the topic ‘Engineering in the past to meet the needs of the future’

*SEI issues will focus on these special topics, but general papers submitted without any call for abstract shall also be published upon acceptance.