Yozo Fujino and Dionysius Siringoringo, Japan

The Outstanding Paper Award is remitted each year to the author(s) of a paper published in the preceding year’s issues of the IABSE quarterly Journal Structural Engineering International (SEI), encouraging and rewarding contributions of the highest quality. The Award is presented in the categories ‘Scientific Paper’ and ‘Technical Report’.

IABSE has awarded the Outstanding Paper Award i2013 in the category ‘Scientific Paper’:
“Vibration Mechanisms and Controls of Long-Span Bridges: A Review" by Yozo Fujino and Dionysius Siringoringo; Japan; SEI 3/2013, (August) pp. 248-268.

Dynamic performance is an important consideration in long-span bridge design. Owing to its flexibility and low damping, various types of vibration from different sources of excitation could occur during the lifetime of a long-span bridge. This paper reviews important studies and developments on long-span bridge vibration mechanism an d control under wind, seismic,traffic and human-motion excitations. Types of vibration commonly observed on the long-span bridge are discussed from the viewpoint of structure engineering. Discussion for each subject is commenced by describing the vibration mechanism followed by the survey on observed phenomena in many long-spa n bridges associated with the type of vibration. The paper also describes the engineering solutions adopted as countermeasures for each type of bridge vibration problem.