Peter. Ch. Mulqueen, New Zealand

Peter Ch. MulqueenThe OPA Committee, was chaired by Martina Schnellenbach-Held, Germany. IABSE presents the Outstanding Paper Award in the category ‘Techincal Report’ to Peter. Ch. Mulqueen, New Zealand for his paper: “Creating the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, New Zealand” published in Structural Engineering International (SEI) 4/2011 (Nov.) This paper dissects the thought processes of the bridge designer as an example to demonstrate how structural bridge elements can be contextualised to a bridge setting. This is in order for the bridge to be seen as a symbol with deep meaning to its local community, more than a purely functional brid form of nature that can be readily associated with the site.

Making connections and relationships between the structural elements and the history associated with the site is creative linkage at its best. While there is nothing truly original about the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, the strong links between the structure and nature possibly break new ground in bridge aesthetics. The end product is a perfectly functional bridge with no loading or vibration issues, which despite its modest size, magically enchants as a sculptural form in changing light. The Rewa Rewa Bridge bridge at the edge of the world in Taranaki, New Zealand, has become a potent symbol for the community in which it is located.
 The Rewa-Rewa Bridge, New Zealand