Sangkyoon Jeong and Jechun Kim

IABSE presente the Outstanding Paper Award in the Category Technical Report to Sangkyoon Jeong and Jechun  Kim for their paper: “The Immersed Tunnel and Bridges of Busan–Geoje Fixed Link” published in SEI 1/2012 (February) pp. 20 -25.

The Busan– Geoje Fixed Link is a major infrastructure development in the south-eastern part of Korea and construction was completed in December
2010. The link provides easy access between metropolitan Busan city and Geoje Island. The Busan– Geoje Fixed Link has a total length of 8,2 km and
comprises three major elements: two cable-stayed bridges (Lot 1 and Lot 2) and an immersed tunnel (Lot 3). The site location is an exposed offshore, which is subjected to strong winds, large swell waves and strong tidal currents.

These conditions together with the tunnel being the deepest immersed tunnel ever built and the bridges being exposed to a high wind speed and the
foundation condition consisting of a very soft, normally to slightly overconsolidated marine clay, made the project unique and one of the most challenging structures ever built.