Mersey Gateway Bridge, UK

The IABSE Outstanding Structure Award (OStrA) was established in 1998. It is one of the highest distinctions awarded by IABSE and recognises, in different regions of the world, some of the most remarkable, innovative, creative, or otherwise stimulating structures. Sustainability and respect of the environment is also an important factor. This Award recognises the most remarkable, innovative, creative or otherwise stimulating structure completed within the last few years. The Awards are restricted to a maximum of one Award per year. The Outstanding Structure Award Committee was chaired by Mr. Naeem Hussain.

Outstanding Structure Award (OStrA) 2019 is presented to Mersey Gateway Bridge, UK, β€˜the Mersey Gateway Bridge is an elegantly integrated solution for a multi-span concrete cable stay bridge in which form follows function.’

The Mersey Gateway Bridge is an elegantly integrated bridge, the first long span cable supported concrete bridge constructed in the UK which marks a significant advancement in the use of concrete for similar applications in the future. Not only has the bridge provided a vital new link within the region, but its positive impact will be felt for years to come, driving growth locally and regionally.

The Mersey Gateway Bridge allows quicker, easier and more reliable travel across the River Mersey in Halton and the North West region. Up to 76,000 vehicles cross the bridge per day, and average vehicle speeds of 50mph demonstrate improvements in journey time, with savings across the route typically in the order of 20 minutes or more. The main feature of the Mersey Gateway project is a 1km long three-pylon cable stayed bridge across the Mersey estuary, together with 700m approach viaduct to the north and 540m viaduct to the south. The project is also a catalyst for positive change across Halton with job creation, community outreach and inward investment already being seen.

 Type of structure:  Three pylon cable stayed bridge
 Date of completion:  October 2017
 Location:  Across the Mersey Estuary, North West of England

 Halton Borough Council (Project Sponsor), Mersey Gateway Crossings Board
 Ltd (end Client), Merseylink Ltd (concession company)
 Structural Design:         COWI & Fhecor (Highways and drainage by Aecom & Eptisa)
 Contractor:  Merseylink Civil Contractors Joint Venture (FCC Construccion –
 Kier Infrastructure & Overseas Limited – Samsung C&T Corporation)
 Architect:  Dissing + Weitling