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9 June 2020



IABSE Awards 2020

The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) is pleased to announce the Laureates of the IABSE Awards 2020.


Honorary Membership

This exceptional award is an expression of IABSE’s high appreciation of a member’s dedicated service rendered to IABSE over several years, and the great contributions the member has made to the Association. 


Honorary Membership 2020 is presented to Fernando Branco, Portugal; ‘in high appreciation of his outstanding and dedicated services to the Association.’


Professor Dr. Fernando Branco completed his Masters and PhD in IST—University of Lisbon, where he also served later as a full-time professor, and president of the Civil Engineering Dept. His fields of expertise are bridge design, maintenance and rehabilitation, and new materials. He has served as a consultant for major Public Works such as the S. João Bridge, Vasco da Gama Bridge in Portugal and the Macau-Taipa Bridge in China.

Being simultaneously an academic and a bridge consultant, he joined IABSE in the late 1980’s primarily influenced by the high-quality journal of the Association, the ‘Structural Engineering International (SEI)’ and the very interesting conferences organised by IABSE. Thereafter, he was invited to participate in one of the IABSE Technical Groups, where he could meet and become part of innovating teams. Those contacts that he made in IABSE groups, led him to collaborate on joint European Research projects, like the development of one of the first Knowledge based Bridge Management Systems, or the building of a bridge model with active control flaps to reduce wind vibrations. Fernando Branco continued his work with the Association and became the President of IABSE from 2016-2019. He was also the Vice President from 2009-2016, member of the Administrative Committee from 2005-2009, Vice Chair of the Technical Committee from 2001-2005, Chair of the Working Commission 8 from 1995-999, member of the Working Group 22 in 1993, delegate to the Permanent Committee from 1994 till 2016, and member of the Working Group 8 in 1993. He also served as the Chair of the Portuguese Group of IABSE, and was an active member of the Executive, Administrative Committees, and the IABSE Strategy Group. During his role as an IABSE’s President, Fernando Branco’s main objective was not only to attract more young engineers to the Association, but also to give more focus to the National Groups and invite world specialists to lead the creation of new Working Groups (Task Groups).


Apart from IABSE, he was also elected as the Honorary Senator by the European Economic Forum in Berlin in 2016, he won the title of ‘Diploma of Teaching Excellence’ from IST – University of Lisbon in 2017, the ‘WIBE International Competition Merit Award’ for the design of a composite bridge in 2018, and received the title of ‘Advisory Professor’ from the University of Tongji, in China, and the title of ‘Distinguished Professor’ from IST–University of Lisbon, both in 2019. He recently left the Presidency of the European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE) and he is currently partner of the GATEWIT—Construction Information Technologies and of SACIV, Ld.- Civil Engineering Services.



The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) founded in 1929, operates on a worldwide basis and deals with all aspects of planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair of civil engineering structures. The mission of IABSE is to exchange knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering worldwide in the service of the profession and society. To fulfil its mission, IABSE organises conferences and publishes a high-quality journal, Structural Engineering International (SEI); publishes books reflecting the work of its Technical Groups; creates Working Groups, as required by new needs and technological progress; offers activities within National Groups of IABSE; supports Young Engineers with a programme, and presents annual Awards in recognition.


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