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24 November 2020



IABSE Conference Proceeding Release:


IABSE Wroclaw 2020: Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering – History and Challenges

IABSE’s 2020 Symposium Proceding is on the topic: ‘Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering – History and Challenges’ took place Online, telecasted from Wroclaw, Poland, from 7-9 October, 2020. The main goal of the Symposium was to create a forum for debate on the development of bridge and structural engineering as part of worldwide culture, and on current challenges in this area. The Scientific Committee, chaired by Jan Bień, Chair of the Polish Group of IABSE, and the Organising Committee, chaired by Jan Biliszczuk and Paweł Hawryszków, Secretary of the Polish Group of IABSE, prepared an attractive and innovative event, including Keynote, Plenary and Parallel Sessions. There are 122 papers, 8 Keynote Lectures in this Proceeding based on the theme: Civil Engineering Structures as Monuments of Culture and Technical Development; Condition Assessment of Contemporary and Historical Structures; Conservation, Upgrading and Management of Contemporary and Historical Structures as well as the Future of Civil Engineering Structures. 


Keynote Lectures include the following: Akio Kasuga, Japan Challenge for Next Generation of Concrete Bridges, Non-metallic Bridge with Zero Cement Concrete; Enzo Siviero and Viviana Martini, Italy Bridges in the World Heritage List between Culture and Technical Development; Rosario Ceravolo, Italy Condition Assessment, Monitoring and Preservation of Some Iconic Concrete Structures of the 20th Century; Yves Weinand, Switzerland Towards Sustainable Timber Construction Through the Application of Wood-Wood Connections; Wojciech Radomski, Poland Bridge Aesthetics – Functional and Structural Needs versus Architectural Imagination; Wojciech Lorenc, Poland Composite Dowels: the Way to the New Forms of Steel-concrete Composite Structures; Jan Biliszczuk, Paweł Hawryszków, Robert Toczkiewicz and Krzysztof Żółtowski, Poland Outstanding Civil Engineering Structures Built in Poland; Jan Bień and Marek Salamak, Poland Management of Bridge Structures – Challenges and Possibilities.



  ‘Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering  - History and Challenges’  
  IABSE Wroclaw Symposium 2020


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IABSE Seoul 2020: Risk Intelligence of Infrastructures

IABSE Seoul 2020 Conference Proceeding is on the topic: ‘Risk Intelligence of Infrastructures. The goal of this conference is to attract world-class practitioners and academics for meaningful discussions on recent and future developments and applications in the areas of risk analysis and data intelligence for bridges and infrastructures. The IABSE Conference Seoul 2020 provided a forum for the discussion on “Risk intelligence of infrastructures” with a two-day program consisting of single-track sessions in an online/offline hybrid format. The Organisers received around 60 papers from researchers around the globe, which show a good balance between ”Risk Analysis & Multi-hazard Assessment” and ”Data Intelligence & Field Informatics.” The Organising Committee comprised of the Korean Group of IABSE, chaired by Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim together with Seoul National University, the Insitute of Bridge & Structural Engineers, and  the Korea Bridge Design & Engineering Research Centre are organising the IABSE Conference Seoul 2020. The Organising Committee is chaired Chair of Organizing Committee Dr. Woo-Jong Kim, DM Engineering.

There are five Keynote Lectures in this Proceeding. A Journey of Exploration through Infrastructure Systems: from value of information to information avoidance, Matteo Pozzi; Towards a New Paradigm in the Governance and Management of the Built Environment, Michael Havbro Faber; Chirajara Bridge Collapse, Christos T.Georgakis; Machine Learning-based Structural Health Monitoring and Condition Assessment for Long-span Bridges, Hui Li.



  ‘Risk Intelligence of Infrastructures’ 
  IABSE Seoul Conference 2020


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