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January 30, 2018
Ramboll's bridge designer Peter Collin, Sweden wins prize for international work within the field of bridge engineering January 30, 2018.  This award was issued by the Swedish group within CIB / IABSE / RILEM (CIR) to Peter Collin, who works as Market Manager Bridges at Ramboll Sweden and is a professor at Luleå University of Technology. “The so far six R&D projects we have won at Ramboll and the European workshops we usually arrange, all within the field of steel bridges, are a few pieces of puzzle in that work”, says Peter Collin and continues, “It is a recognition of our work at LTU and Ramboll that the Swedish group within CIR has presented this award. ” Peter Collin has worked with research and development in, among other things, the stability of steel structures, the use of high strength structural steel as well as bridges with integral abutments. The award was conferred to Peter Collin for his contribution in organizing national and international seminars and for working with projects such as the Öresund Bridge which increased traffic capacity between Sweden and Denmark. In addition, he also coordinates the EU project Prolonging lifetime for steel and composite bridges with the aim of retaining old road and rail bridges through innovative strengthening methods to save resources. More.. 

International Certificate
The Swedish Group in CIB/IABSE/RILEM  (CIR) issues an International Certificate to persons (mainly working in Sweden) who wish to obtain such a certificate and who are regarded as meeting the necessary requirements:  that their academic qualifications and working experience show that they can be expected to be well suited for work on international projects. In total, the certificate has been handed to about 20 people over the last 10 years.

The purpose of the international certificate is to:
• Bring home to the Swedish building sector the importance of participating in international projects through design, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as the importance of research and development.
• Raise the profile of the international expertise that exists in Sweden at the level of individuals.
• Provide a useful reference for the individual concerned.
• Encourage recruitment of new members to CIB, IABSE and RILEM, i.e. the Swedish CIR group. 
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New Chair

IABSE is pleased to welcome the new Chair of Swedish Group of IABSE, Peter Simonsson (Swedish Road Administration). He succeeds Mikael Hallgren (TYRENS), who is thanked for his kind support in this position over the past six years. We wish him further enjoyment at IABSE and look forward to future cooperation with the new Chair and the Group’s Secretary Peter Utgenannt (Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute).