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Dr. Philippe Menétrey
Rue Centrale 9bis 1003 Lausanne SWITZERLAND


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Dr. Andrea Bassetti
Toggwilerstrasse 9 8706 Meilen SWITZERLAND

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Board Meeting:
On 30th January, 2020, representatives of the Swiss Group of IABSE, under the Chairmanship of Philippe Menétrey met in Bern, with participating members Andrea Bassetti, Gianfranco Bronzini, Patrick Fehlmann, Richard Thürler and Matthias Wielatt. Their meeting’s agenda included discussing membership, future activities, 2019 activities, 2020 IABSE congresses and others.

Excursion: From 19-22 June, 2020, the Swiss Group is planning for an excursion this year to northern Italy. Plans include visiting Milan on Friday—including the Pirelli skyscraper by Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nergi, the Porta Volta by Herzog & de Meuron and the Via Röntgen building by the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi by Grafton Architects. On Saturday, they plan to visit a building by Pier Luigi Nervi, an exhibition hall by Riccardo Morandi and others. On Sunday, visits shall include to the Mole Antonelliana by Alessandro Antonelli and the new Metro buildings. On return journey, one can visit the bridge over the Toce by Riccardo Morandi in Domodossola. This excursion which shall be carried out in association with the Gessellschaft für Ingenieurbaukunst is planned to start from Bellinzona by bus.

YES2020: On 1 October, 2020, the YES 2020 event will be organised by the Swiss Group at the HSLU in Luzern. Interesting programs are being organised for young engineers.


June 20 - Round table with the film director Martin Witz
Gateways to New York, Othmar H. Ammann and His Bridges (88’), 2018.
More information.   Read the journal.
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May 10-11 - Swiss NG Field Trip Toggenburg & Neckertal
This field trip organized by the Swiss Group of IABSE, with cooperation from SIA and FBH, included site visits to Brücke Thur/SOB Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal and Holzbau Kantonsschule Wil. This trip focused on different wood constructions. The first bridge that the group visited was a 400 m long prestressed concrete construction over the Thur River with railroad tracks for a local bypass. The site was a good example to demonstrate an innovative, highly prefabricated wooden formwork system. Next stop was a tree top-walk in a side valley. This wooden construction was built carefully around old trees with the smallest possible impact to fauna and flora. Not less exciting was the background story of the path, which dates back to an initiative taken by few local carpenters and sawyers. On Saturday morning, the participants were impressed by the craftsmanship of the carpenters from the 18th -19th century. Four different wooden constructions over the Rivers Thur and Necker showed the participants different wooden load-bearing systems and how they were adapted to new requirements. The view on the weak points of covered wooden bridges was not less informative. To wrap up this excursion, Architect Thomas Hasler took the participants to the grammar school building in Wil, which used to be one of the biggest newly built wooden construction in Switzerland, 10 years ago. A visit to this impressive structure was worthwhile.
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October 4 - Young Engineers’ Symposium (YES2018) took place at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland on October 4, 2018. More than 80 participants from all over the country used the opportunity to attend inspiring speeches from industry experts, attend interesting presentations and discussions in interactive seminars. Further information, Click Here!

Visit of the IABSE Swiss Group to the canton of Ticino
This year, the Swiss Group met in the canton of Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. They visited a bridge recently built for AlpTransit, south of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and two rail viaducts between Lugano and Bellinzona, with total spans of 1000 m and 400 m and V-shaped piers. The group also visited the Calancasca valley where they discovered a church, an arch bridge by professor Christian Menn and the Tibetan footbridge “Carasc” which has 270-m span. These visits were a fantastic opportunity to exchange and discuss with the project developers of these unique structures, which is one of the goals of IABSE.
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October 19 - General Assembly in Zurich, Switzerland.

June 9-10 -
  The Swiss IABSE Group made a two-day technical visit in the area of Geneva and Lausanne. I was an opportunity to get to know the latest extraordinary projects in the field of bridges and buildings in western Switzerland. The first day, the group went to Geneva to see the CEVA construction site, a new rail link between Geneva and Annemasse in France. Then they got to know the new moving pedestrian bridge of the «Jet d'Eau» and the Sicli Pavilion by engineer Heinz Isler. On the second day, the tour went to the Lausanne region, with the bridge constructions Paudèze and Flon. Afterwards, the participants attended the new EPFL buildings such as the ArtLab and the SwissTech Convention Center. See the photos here ..

Report on Young Engineers Symposium (YES) The seventh edition of the Young Engineers Symposium YES took place at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts on October 6, 2016. Almost one hundred participants used the opportunity to attend inspiring keynotes of most experienced experts, interesting presentations by young engineers and joint discussions on current topics in the field of civil engineering. Of course, YES2016 was also a great platform to meet friends and to connect with colleagues from other engineering offices. Read more..

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