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In June, 2022, IABSE Vice President, Carlos Mendez-Galindo, carried out an official visit to the Chilean Group of IABSE and was welcomed by Matias Valenzuela, Chair of the Chilean National Group in June, 2022. In Addition, C.Mendez also represented IABSE during the Seminar “Monitoring System for Highway Infrastructure”, organized by the Ministry of Public Works of Chile and the Bridge Technical Committee, together with the Engineering School of Construction and Transportation of the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso and the Chilean Group of the IABSE. IABSE was formally presented with the Chilean Bridge Plan 2020-2030, officially handed by the National Director of Highways of Chile, to IABSE Vice President, Carlos Mendez. In addition, meetings were held to discuss the ongoing cooperation with other National Groups in the region, as well as to plan the upcoming events organized in Latin America.




On March 8th, 2022, the Latin American National Groups of IABSE held their very first technical visit to the new airport in Mexico City, called “Felipe Angeles International Airport” (AIFA). The meeting was organized by IABSE Vice President Carlos Mendez and by the Mexican NG of IABSE, chaired by Prof. Dario Rivera Vargas.


The IABSE delegation was welcomed by the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), responsable for the construction of the new airport, and included members from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. The visit focused on the new developments in terms of structural engineering, including the use of 1,318 seismic isolators, making this airport an example of innovation in terms of estructural safety.


Special thanks go to SEDENA, and to Capt. I.C. Jose L. Vargas, responsible for the structural design of the whole airport, for the extraordinary explanation of all the technical challenges and solutions developed for this outstanding structure.


The technical visit was followed by a regional meeting with the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the National Groups from Latin America, including Nelson Vega (Bolivia), Matias Valenzuela (Chile), Juan Oviedo (Colombia), Nelson Betancourt (Colombia) and Victor Hernandez (Guatemala).





1st Structural Webinar (August to December 2020)

2nd Structural Webinar (August to December 2021)


Lectures related on Structural infrastructure, (each Thursday with a duration of 30 minutes of lecture and 30 minutes of discussion: Main Topics: design, management and maintenance. The first version included the collaboration of IABSE LatinAmerica and Universities of Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Total participants until September 280 professionals



1st Timbre Bridge Workshop Chile-USA (August - September 2020)

2nd Timbre Bridge Workshop Chile – USA (January 2021)


Lectures related on Timber bridges, (six lectures each Monday with a duration of 30 minutes of lecture and 30 minutes of discussion) Main Topics: Chilean codes, US codes, modular birdges, monitoring and preservation. The first version included the collaboration of IABSE LatinAmerica and SEC, University of Chile and Canada. Total participants: 380 professionals


Short Courses:

1st Cable supported bridges (August 2020)

2nd Cable Supported bridges (January 2021)


Short course for students and young professionals. The main topics considers general aspect and case of study of Cable Stayed Bridges, Arch Tied Bridges, and Suspension Bridges. First version 23 students form several Latin-American countries.


1st Design Chilean Bridges (December 2020)

Short course for student and young professional. The main topic consider the Structural analysis and design of Chilean bridges following AASHTO and national code Manual de Carreteras. It is focus on girder-slab bridges.


1st Bridges: Girders, slabs and Box girder (January 2021)

Short course for student and young professional. The main topic considers general aspect and case of study of girder, slabs and box girders Bridges, including design, construction and maintenance.