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On 11 May, 2022, the Danish National Group held its Annual Meeting (in person) and Tina Vejrum, who is the President Elect of IABSE, stepped down from her role as the National Group Chair, after a very successful tenure, and passed on the baton to Barbara Boesen MacAulay, as the new NG Chair. Henning Schultz, chaired the Annual Meeting. Henning was the former Chair of the Danish NG. Changes in the NG core committee is listed below.





















Photo from L to R: Incoming and outgoing Danish NG core committee

Tina Vejrum, outgoing Chair; Barbara Boesen MacAulay, incoming Chair; Lars Fuhr Pedersen, Treasurer; Jan Vig Nielsen, Secretary; Jens Henrik Nielsen; NG member.


Danish Bridge and Tunnel Award 2022

















Jesper Henriksen, Partner and Bridge Expert, at D+W Architects was awarded the Danish Bridge and Tunnel Award 2022, during the Danish Bridge Conference 5th April 2022. Jesper Henriksen was nominated and awarded the Danish Bridge and Tunnel award 2022, for his ability to challenge the structural engineers, as well as ensuring all involved parties in a project work together, to create and construct impressive landmark structures. Always inspiring and enthusiastic, his unique understanding of the aesthetic aspects, as well as the structural requirements to bridges, makes him an asset to any bridge project. Furthermore, Jesper is dedicated to develop and ensure the coming generations interest in the world of Bridges and Tunnels. His involvement in the Danish bridge building contest Verden Vildeste Brobyggere (Worlds Wildest Bridge builders), is a prime example of his personal dedication.


2022 planned activities:


-  Webinar on the winner of the Danish Structural Award 2021, Lille Langebro
-  Site visit to Fehmarn tunnel construction site, May 2022
-  Site visit to Storstrommen Bridge, September 2022
-  The Danish Bridge and Tunnel Award, 2022: The winner will be announced at Danish Bridge Day on 5 April
-  The Danish Structural Award 2022: Deadline for nomination on 1 May 2022
-  Annual meeting: 10 May 2022.




On 25th January, the Danish Group, chaired by Tina Vejrum, had their first Annual meeting to discuss several issues. Those who participated were: Lennart Mortensen (Secretary), MT Hojgaard; Barbara Boesen MacAulay, Danish Road Authorities; Jan Vig Nielsen, Ramboll and Tina Vejrum (Chair), COWI.  Absent: Lars Fuhr Pedersen (Treasurer), Sund & Belt; Jens Henrik Nielsen, DTU; The agenda included: 

- Planning of webinar on 27 January: Full-Scale Testing of a Stadium for ‘Jumping Crowd Load’

- Planning of webinar in February or March on the winner of the Danish Structural Award 2021: Lille Langebro

- Discussion of the special session in Prague, May 2022, on the Storstrommen Bridge project

- Site visit to Fehmarn tunnel construction site, May 2022

- Site visit to Storstrommen Bridge, September 2022

- Candidates for the Danish Bridge and Tunnel Award, April 2022

- Follow up on hosting an international IABSE event in 2026

- Next meetings: Board meeting on 9 March, Board meeting and annual meeting on 28 April



IABSE-Danish Group Structural Award 2021: Lille Langebro



1 Dec. 2021; Lille Langebro combines advanced bridge engineering and unique architectural design in an innovative solution, benefitting citizens and society alike.  The unique location of Lille Langebro provides an excellent connection between areas of the inner city crossing the harbour and bringing them closer together.  The Bridge connects the City Centre and the area of Christianshavn, providing an alternative to the road bridge Langebro, which is used by more than 40.000 cyclists on weekdays. As a pure cycle- and pedestrian bridge, Lille Langebro benefits Copenhagen making it an even more green and sustainable bicycle-friendly city.
The Bridge is 175m long with a navigational clearance of 5.4m at the middle of the Bridge, allowing water busses and smaller boats to pass at all times. When larger ships have to pass though the harbour, Lille Langebro is opened from the adjacent bridge control tower located at Langebro.
Inside the bridge superstructure hydraulic cylinders are installed. When the bridge is opened, the cylinders allow the two moveable bridge spans to rotate 90 degrees and move into parallel positions on opposite sides of the navigational channel.

Extract from the IABSE Danish Group IABSE motivation for the structural award nomination:
The bridge consists of four sections, two of which rotate in plan to provide the navigation clearance. In order to maintain a slender profile in elevation, an innovative moment connection has been designed to connect the moving parts together at midspan. The IABSE Danish Structural Award 2021 is presented to Lille Langebro in recognition of delivering a structure, which combines advanced bridge engineering and unique architectural design in an innovative solution with emphasis on durability as well as constructability.






Wednesday 29 September 2021, 15:00 -19:00 

Storstrøm Bridge Construction Site and Visitor Center, Brovejen 16, 4760 Vordingborg 




15:00-15:15: Welcome and Introduction to IABSE by Tina Vejrum, Chair, IABSE Denmark
15:15-16:15: “Cable Stay Bridge Design” by Nikolaj Rask Pedersen, Senior Bridge Engineer, Rambøll; “Viaduct design, dynamics and construction” by Luca Cargnino, Chief Consultant, Rambøll
“Marine Logistics” by Marinus Meijer, Marine Construction Manager, SBJV
16:15-17:45: Site Visit (Please bring PPE)

17:45-18:00: Closing remarks by Tina Vejrum;

18:00-19:00: Drinks and Snacks.


On 29 October the Danish Group of Denmark, chaired by Tina Vejrum and her team organized a successful and well-attended site visit to Storstrømmen Bridge, the new road and rail bridge currently under construction 100km south of the capital, Copenhagen.


There were 60 participants including individual members and collective members from IABSE Denmark, students from the Technical University as well as participants from IABSE Norway.


The programme started with three interesting presentations on design of the cable stayed bridge and the viaduct followed by a presentation of the marine operations and logistics. After the presentations the bridge owner, the Danish Road Directorate, guided the participants on a tour of the construction site including prefabrication facilities, concrete batching plant and to the top of the pylon foundation which is currently being finalized and is expected to be floated out to its final position in the near future.


After the site visit the participants enjoyed snacks and drinks and a long-awaited opportunity to meet again after the covid-19 lockdown. The event and networking opportunity was appreciated by all participants and a big ‘Thank you’ to the Danish Road Directorate for accepting visitors again and hosting the very successful event.


Download the full programme and details from here (Click Here).




March - June 2021 activities (tetative):


Watch the Video Presentation here: https://www.iabse.dk/arrangementer/webinar2021-1


- Series of free online presentations: 2019/20 structural awards (15 April), followed by a presentation about the collapse of the ‘Chirajara Bridge in Colombia’ (May) and 'Concrete plasticity' (June).


- Mini-seminar and site visit to the ‘New Storstrøm Bridge’ (tentative – await relaxation of covid-19 related restrictions).


- Danish Bridge and Tunnel Award (co-sponsored – await relaxation of covid-19 related restrictions).


- General Assembly on 28 April (online).


- Nomination for the Danish Structural Award 2021: Deadline 1 May.


- General Assembly on 28 April (online).


- Nomination for the Danish Structural Award 2021: Deadline 1 May.