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Norwegian Group of IABSE  


IABSE Norway organised a webinar the 26th May 2021 with the title “BIM/VDC – status in Norway” for IABSE members in Norway as well as the Nordic countries. The webinar was free of charge, with 100 participants. Presentations were given from the all major infrastructure agencies in Norway as well as representatives from consultants, contractors and universities. The focus was on current status on BIM/VDC in bridge, road and railway projects in Norway and strategies for further development. State of the art projects were described and everybody gave an honest description of the benefits and also challenges we have seen with BIM and VDC so far. After the presentations, a debate was carried out, where participants could question and comment the various presentations. Norway has seen a rapid development within digitalization of the infrastructure market recent years due to the many largescale projects and the increasing level of BIM requirements from the clients.


8-9 June 2020  New Dates: 31 May - 1 June 2021
IABSE Workshop Risk Acceptance – Principles and Application in Civil Engineering Projects

Trondheim, Norway