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Upcoming IABSE Lecture by Dr. Tina Vejrum, President Elect. Keep watching this space for further news.




IABSE Study Tour // Belgium  (this tour has been currently postponed).



The next IABSE British Study Tour to Belgium. The group will spend a long weekend visiting some of the most distinguished and multi-award winning buildings and bridges in the country, in the company of the designers and other senior engineers. A great opportunity for networking and discussion, the tour is open to all (even if you haven't been to an IABSE event you will be made most welcome!). For more details and to express an interest please click here.


The Milne Medal Lecture 2021



(For the video: Click Here)

The Milne Medal is awarded to an individual engineer for excellence in structural design, both in the overall concept and in the attention to detail in their work, and is named in recognition of the late Bob Milne, who served for many years as the Honorary Secretary of the IABSE British Group. This year, we are delighted to award the Milne Medal to Margaret Cooke of Integral Engineering Design.


“Less is More”; Margaret Cooke

As we head towards 2050 we need to build less and re-use more. This requires a fundamental shift in how we work, in the training of engineers, in clever use of existing buildings, materials and components. We will also need to change the way we value our work: how do we articulate our worth when no repair or change is necessary? How do we persuade clients that it takes courage and real expertise to say that an existing structure has sufficient integrity?
Margaret Cooke has been working with existing buildings for nearly 30 years and is Conservation Accredited. She is one of the founding Directors of Integral Engineering Design where the worlds of new build, conservation, reuse and sustainability are inextricably linked. She is a passionate advocate of the “minimum intervention” approach to engineering.


Nethercot Prize
DEADLINE // 15.10.2021

The IABSE Nethercot Prize is open for entries! Early career architects, engineers, and designers (expected to be under 35 and based in the UK) are invited to submit a single author paper which should cover the process of designing a new structure or adapting an old one. Further details can be found here.


How can Structural Engineering be an unending stream of goodness? // IABSE 2019 Henderson Colloquium: A Webinar
Online // 4.10.21 - 6pm

In 2019 the IABSE British Group held the annual Henderson Colloquium, where twenty invited delegates explored what characterises structural ‘goodness’ in the future, and how future changes in technology and society will help or hinder the profession’s ability to create it? Whilst the question was deliberately ‘open’ several distinct themes emerged. 

How should we respond to the climate emergency?
How to balance the disruption and opportunity of digital design?
How do we attract the future skills needed by the profession?
How do we ‘tell our story’? 


IABSE Talks // Annual Lecture 2021 - Saving the Planet: New Lives for Old Buildings - Sam Price and AGM
27 May 2021

In 1978 Sam founded Price & Myers with Robert Myers where a large part of his career has focused on old building. He will explain why they are both relevant, and he will conclude with thoughts on some of the difficult decisions that engineers may face in the future. Register here Online // 27.05.21 - 6 p.m

Prior to the annual lecture, the British Group will hold the Annual General Meeting. UK IABSE Members wishing to attend or stand for election to the committee should contact the Honorary Secretary. Full details here



Milne Medal Lecture Report (Nathalie Richards)​

Download here..

Report from David Knight, British Group Vice Chair, Sept. 2020:

One of the great delights of IABSE is rubbing shoulders with the best engineers and designers in the world, and learning about them in an informal and friendly setting. As lockdown kicked in, the British Group realised that this was going to be absent from our normal schedule of events (such as the Future of Design conferences for young engineers and our evening lectures with eminent designers) as they would all be online, and decided to look at other opportunities to communicate with our members. "IABSE in Conversation" was born!


A podcast is a very personal way of communicating as you are often speaking through headphones straight into the listener's head. That personal touch meant that a very informal conversation is a good way of mimicking what might happen in a chat after an event or over a drink at a dinner. It also gives you the time to get to know a person a little and talk about their career and what inspires them in a way that does not always come across in project focussed presentations or on a CV. The podcast series interviewed five different designers or engineers, each with a very different background and route through the industry to where they are today. We spoke to a designer at the forefront of the technical revolution with experience in several major consultants and contractors; an expert in masonry structures, a writer and editor who communicates about bridges, a world famous bridge designer, and a young architect just starting on her career designing bridges. However, that is just the start of their stories, and you get to hear anecdotes and favourites, childhood memories and impressions from the start of their career, and thoughts on how the industry might move forward and what their plans are for the future.


The first series of "IABSE in Conversation" is available online at, in Apple Podcasts or Google Play, or on the IABSE British Group YouTube channel. Featuring Laura Langdridge, Bill Harvey, Ian Firth, John Roberts and Helena Russell, the series is well worth listening to in full, and we have plans for a second series shortly.


April 17 - Future of Design 2020 (Full Event Video) - First Online Event!
Shared by the British Group of IABSE

The IABSE British Group held their first live event on 17 April 2020, titled 'Future of Design (FoD) 2020'. This event was originally planned to take place as a full-day conference, but due to COVID-19 was moved to a webinar. The speakers were: William Matthews (William Matthews Associates) on Tintagel Castle Footbridge; Alexandra Gkoutzidou (University of Manchester) on Novel Materials in Construction and Environmental Sustainability focusing on Graphene; Catherine Ramsden (Useful Studio) on Social Value of Infrastructure.

This was followed by a discussion on the future of design and work in a post COVID-19 environment. Hosted by David Knight (Cake Industries) Next Future of Design event is in September 2020. This webinar was sponsored by DYSE, Redaeli, Stantec and Jacobs This webinar was organised by Andrey Smirnov (Stantec), Eddy Keegan (Jacobs), Georgia Panagiotidou (Jacobs), Rebecca Morgan (Arup) and Sara Peters (Arcadis).