Task Group 5.1
Forensic Engineering


Mission Statement/Objectives

The primary missions of IABSE TG5.1 Forensic Structural Engineering is:

a. to mitigate structural failures by sharing knowledge of technical, human and organizational causes of failures

b. to enhance the improvement of forensic structural practices, by sharing knowledge of methods and techniques related to forensic investigations.


Scope & Limitation

The ultimate objectives of the IABSE Task Group 5.1, Forensic Structural Engineering, are to mitigate structural failures and improve forensic engineering practices.


To mitigate structural failures, TG5.1 endeavours to:

  1. Report on the engineering investigation of near misses and structural failures
  2. Encourage improvements of design and construction practices based on lessons learned from near misses and failures
  3. Through publications and seminars increase the awareness of students and practicing engineers of the causes, prevention and consequences of failures, thereby increasing the safety and reliability of structures

To enhance the improvement of forensic structural practices, TG5.1 endeavours to:

  1. Publicize techniques of field and analytical investigation of failures
  2. Promote ethical forensic engineering practices
  3. Inform of effective dispute resolution procedures


Expected Project Output
  • Publish journal articles, organize and contribute to IABSE technical programs, organize forensic engineering workshops, organize and facilitate special lectures, publish practice periodicals.


Start Date: September 2018
Target Date of Completion: September 2022


If you are interested in joining Task Group 5.1, please contact the Chair, John Duntemann, jduntemann@wje.com



  John Duntemann, U.S.A.
  Vice Chair
  Karel Terwel, Netherlands

Leigh Appleyard, Australia

Eric Brehm, Germany

Bruno Godart, France

Robert Hertle, Germany

Joseph Jimenez Elizondo, Costa Rica

Josh Kardon, United States

Anssi Laaksonen, Finland

Fabrizio Palmisano, Italy

David Peraza, USA

Gianluca Ranzi, Australia

Alastair Soane, United Kingdom

Harshavardhan Subbarao, India

Matias Valenzuela, Chile