Christmas is just around the corner but shopping with the pandemic soaring again is just too complicated!


IABSE Give-A-Gift 2022 sponsorship programme is designed for professors, universities, institutions, companies, and individuals looking for a special gift with a good cause for their students, staff, colleagues, or friends, 27 years or younger aspiring to become successful structural engineers (s). For only 20 CHF, this gift will be helpful for them for the whole year of 2022!


With this programme, you are also helping IABSE mission support the budding engineers to find their way to becoming future leaders in the field of structural engineering.




For 20 CHF, you can entitle a student with IABSE membership, having access to an enourmous amount of helpful technical and scientific resources online. Simply email us the following details for a single or a group of students and we will prepare the invoice for you.

A) First Name, Last Name
B) Date of Birth (Note: Student Membership applies only for ages 27 and below)
C) Mailing Address
D) Email Address
E) Phone Number

Don’t have a student to sponsor but wish to support? IABSE will find one for you.
We source student membership applicants from National Groups, Committee Members, Professors and other IABSE contacts, and we can connect you to a sponsor or mentor. Simply write us your intention, and we will ‘bridge the gap’ for you.



1. This campaign runs from December 8, 2021 to February 28, 2022. 
2. There is no limit in the number of students that can be sponsored.
3. IABSE Student Membership includes all IABSE member benefits, except the printed SEI Journal Subscription. Students have free ONLINE access to all SEI issues starting from 1991.
4. Student Members must be 27 years old or below.
5. Student Member applicants will be requested to provide a copy of their Student ID during the process.
6. Sponsors can pay the 20 CHF registration fee by bank transfer or credit card payments.

With your support, it will certainly be a wonderful time of the year for structural engineering students!

For inquiries, please contact IABSE Secretariat at