Commission 6



Sustainable development has been widely recognized and has become a common goal of engineers in building society and its infrastructure systems. It is not a fixed framework or concept, and the exchange of ideas, experiences, practices and methods will become an important part of promoting it. C6 aims to drive sustainability to become an integral part of the engineer's thinking and action.



Field of Activity

The main scope of C6 is to promote sustainable engineering both from theoretical and practical aspect. Specific projects will be carried out via the Task Groups covering principally the following topics: a) Development and renewal framework under the background of globalization, such as climate change, sharing economy etc., the change of sustainable demand, development of new industrialization, and concept and technique of sustainable engineering will be discussed.

b) Latest development and application of sustainability during design, such as life-cycle analysis & environment-friendly schemes.

c) Disaster prevention and control involving studies such as resilient structures, resilient city.

d) Methodologies on construction, operation and maintenance for different kinds of structures will be studied (for example, ABC & green architectures). The key technology to sustainable construction, such as connection of assembly and new materials, is also within study.

e) Renewal experience of aged structure, including protection, restoration, reconstruction, demolition, etc. will be evaluated from the viewpoint of sustainability.

f) New materials, such as bamboo, UHPC, and recycle materials, will be analyzed from the perspective of sustainability.

g) Value protection embodied both through structural and non-structural components.

Current Task Groups under Commission 6
TG6.1 Effects of Climate Change on Infrastructures
Chair: André Orcesi, France

TG6.2 Disaster Debris Management
Chair: Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Japan

TG6.3 Structural Design with Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Chair: Jorge de Brito, Portugal

TG6.4 Value Protection of Built Environment
Chair: Tobia Zordan, Italy




  Xin Ruan, China  
  Vice Chair  
  Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Japan  
  Core Members  
  André Orcesi, France  
  Bruno Briseghella, China  
  Joan Ramon Casas, Spain  
  Tobia Zordan, Italy  
  Colin Caprani, Australia  
  Jorge de Brito, Portugal