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The IABSE emblem was created by the Japanese Group for the 10th Congress of IABSE in Tokyo, 1976. The design represents ideogramm of 'Human Being' or at the same time the sacred mountain, of which the slopes are covered by green pine-trees aflame in the setting sun. The meaning of the logo captures the fundament of all our technical expertise: mankind, nature, and spiritual endeavour. The Executive Committee wished to adopt this symbol for the Association and the Japanese Group remitted it to IABSE at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress.

Rules for the Use of The Logo

Members and Committees and National Groups are welcome to use the Logo. In co-sponoring an activity (conference or publication) the IABSE may authorise the use of the logo. Its geometrical form and colours must be respected and not modified. Commercial use and misuse are not permitted. IABSE owns the copyright of the IABSE Logo. If you wish to use the IABSE Logo kindly contact the IABSE Secretariat.

Colours and Form 

Green (right)
Pantone coated 371 C / Pantone uncoated 371 U / CMYK%  43/0/100/60 

Red (left)
Pantone coated 179 C / Pantone uncoated 179 U / CMYK%  0/80/94/0 

For reproduction in black and white, the right part is in black and the left is represented with lines representing a shade of grey.

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