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Newsletter - March 2024


IABSE Symposium Manchester 2024
Construction's Role for a World in Emergency 

The Symposium will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University, in Manchester City Centre, close to all main hotels, travel facilities and other amenities. 

Register Now!

Deadline for Registration - 27 March 2024

The climate emergency is the biggest single crisis affecting all life on this planet that has occurred for centuries. The Symposium is a three-day event comprising Keynote Lectures, Oral Presentations and Special Sessions. 

Outlined Programme - Click Here  
Keynote Lectures - Click Here
Technical Tours - Click Here 

Keynote Speakers:



Young Engineers Programme: Click Here

Delegates registered as a Young Engineer (born in or after 1990) will be eligible to attend the full technical programme of the Symposium.

1. Future of Design: Please find the information below.

2. Speed-Mentoring: This is an opportunity to meet with an IABSE Fellow in a short one-to-one meeting to discuss career opportunities and personal and professional development. These sessions will run on Wednesday and Thursday at lunchtime (12:30—13:30).  To help with logistics, please register here.

3. Presentation competition: A group of judges will be distributed among the sessions, and there will be two categories: one for research-oriented presentations and another for industry- or project-oriented presentations. Winners will be announced during the closing ceremony on Friday afternoon.  

4. YEP Party.  After the Welcome Reception (at around 19:30), the YEP party will be held at the Blues Kitchen. There will be food and drinks, and the venue will be open until late, with live music. All young participants, as well as more senior and IABSE Fellow participants, are welcome to join!

5. Thursday night dinner and drinks at The Refuge: This is an alternative venue (for those who are not attending the Gala Dinner) close to the conference venue.

Pre-Symposium Event!

Future of Design conference on 9 April 2024

Before the main IABSE Symposium kicks off, the IABSE British Group will hold its "Future of Design" FoD conference on 9 April 2024 at Manchester Metropolitan University. Future of Design is a conference for early-career design professionals and students to engage with leading lights in engineering. Read further here ...


Just a few days left for your submissions!

Make sure to submit your entry before it's too late! Deadline: 31 March 2024 

IABSE People and Paper Awards: Click here.

IABSE Project and Technology Awards: Click here.

Official Website
Members of the Project and Technology Award Judges
How to Participate
Frequently Asked Questions


IABSE Congress San Jose 2024
Beyond Structural Engineering - in a Changing World.

Full Paper submission deadline is 15 April 2024.

What is San Jose, Costa Rica known for?

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. The variety of landscapes and microclimates that can be enjoyed on the same day makes this country a paradisiacal destination. In only 51,000 sq. km, the traveller can find sun and beach, adventure, nature, and culture—necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of tourists who find their ideal vacation spot in Costa Rica. Start looking for the best flight deals, and plan for a unique adventure. For additional details and information, please click here.

Join IABSE Congress San Jose 2024: Registration starts early. Click here! 


IABSE Symposium Tokyo 2025
Environmentally friendly technologies and structures - Focusing on sustainable approaches.

Call for Abstracts is now open!
We invite researchers, professionals, and experts to contribute to the congress by submitting abstracts related to the Congress themes and topics. Abstracts should highlight significant research findings, innovative methodologies, case studies, and best practices. 

Submission deadline by 31 July 2024: Click Here

Call for Special Session 

If you have a suggestion for a particular topic that could form the basis for a Special Session at the Symposium, please submit your proposal: Click Here. Or, please send a short synopsis including the names of potential contributors to the Secretary of the Scientific Committee, Prof. T. Nagayama at, by 31 March 2024. 

•    Green Infrastructure
•    New energy facilities
•    Carbon-neutral technologies
•    Timber and other natural materials
•    Prevention of natural disasters, etc.

Take the opportunity to contribute to this exciting event. For further information: Click Here.

Image Caption

IABSE Congress Ghent 2025
The Essence of Structural Engineering for Society

Call for Abstract!

Click Here to submit your abstract!

Abstracts should address the conference theme ‘The Essence of Structural Engineering for Society’. Anticipated sub-themes are, therefore, amongst others.

• Structural safety and reliability
• Serviceability of structures
• Deterioration, monitoring and maintenance
• Sustainability and circularity
• Climate change and extreme loads and conditions


Structural Engineering International (SEI)

Call for Abstracts: AI in Structural Engineering

Read upcoming issue's call for abstracts here ...

The Noticeable increase in the recent use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the structural engineering community suggests significant promise in offering new opportunities in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of civil structures and infrastructure systems. This special issue aims to gather the most recent contributions involving AI applications in structural engineering. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- State-of-the-art AI tools (e.g., symbolic or logical AI, expert systems, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, semi-supervised learning, reinforcement learning, and physics-informed and/or knowledge-enhanced machine learning)
- AI applications to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of structures and infrastructure systems
- AI applications in extreme hazard analyses (e.g., earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, blast, and others) and their implications for civil structures and infrastructure systems
- Recent advancements in structural engineering data collections, data-driven modeling, and machine learning algorithms
- AI applications in both computational and experimental structural engineering
Considering the journal's focus, papers featuring case studies and practical applications are especially welcomed. In addition, review articles describing the current state of the art in some relevant topics are highly encouraged.

Submit your Abstract: Click Here.

SEI May 2025: Rehabilitation of Structures

Submit full paper by April 30: Click Here.

Following decades of intensive construction of structures (buildings, …) and infrastructures (roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, …), supplemented by limited inspection and maintenance budget, an increase in traffic road demand and intensity, change in building operational needs, and/or trend of more acute natural hazard stress demands that affects an aging structure are exposing the growing need to reassess, maintain, rehabilitate and reuse existing structures. Structural engineers are facing an increase demand for structural assessment and rehabilitation, at the same time as extending structures’ design lifetime, guaranteeing structural and operational safety and respecting structures’ heritage value.

Read further about this issue and the topics ...


img img

IABSE News articles in SEI Journal (2018 -): FREE Access for All!

From 2018 onwards, the 'IABSE News' section in the SEI journal has free access for members and non-members. Take this opportunity to share news about the Association with your colleagues or students, as well as interviews and articles on different topics.

You can find individual articles DOIs here: Click Here.

Share this link on your social media profile and spread the work IABSE members are doing to disseminate knowledge to the structural engineering community.


IABSE Task Group (TG) Spotlight: TG 1.2 - Project Updates!

Task Group 1.2 on Structures Design of Bridges against Fire Hazards has the following goal, do you wish to contribute to it? Click Here!

Conduct two webinars in 2024/2025 where practitioners and academics from different countries will explain all the details of structural fire design applied to bridges: from risk analysis to detailed case studies. These webinars will be an important step forward towards the publication of a set of "Guidelines for the Design of Bridges vis-à-vis fire hazards" in the form of a SED book which is foreseen for 2027.

Would you like to join IABSE Task Groups (Technical Forums)?

Are you passionate about bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and structural engineering? IABSE invites you to be part of our existing Task Groups. You need not be a member of IABSE to join a Task Group. 
Write to us with the TG name and preferably your CV, and we shall connect you with the TG Chair:

Over 50 IABSE Task Groups covering a broad range of topics (Click Here). 


IABSE National Groups Activities for 2024


Click Here to get an overview of the activities planned. Do not forget to self-nominate and submit your nomination for the IABSE National Group of the Year Award 2024 by 31 March 2024! 

We are also looking forward to receiving nominations from NG Chairs for the IABSE People and Paper Awards.



The Japanese Group of IABSE had a steering committee meeting on 14 March 2024 in Tokyo. The attendants (on photo from right to left) are: S. Nakamura, Y. Fujino, K. Takanashi, A. Wada, Y. Ichinohe, M. Inoue and A. Sato. Online attendants (from right to left top): Y. Okui, A. Kasuga, T. Takeuchi, T. Nagayama, M. Akiyama and I. Shibata. The steering committee reviewed the activities and memberships in 2023. Many Japanese members participated in the committees and IABSE Task Groups. Read further here ...



In January and February 2024, the Colombian NG chaired by Dr. Juan Andrés Oviedo, organised two BST lectures with IABSE experts, on the following topics. Both video lectures are now available for viewing: Click Here

- BST 4 with Bruno Godart, France, Topic: Pathology of Prestressed Concrete Structures. 
- BST 5 with Laurent Rus, Spain, Topic: Bridge Failure Analysis: Shallow and Deep Causes.

Click Here to read the news from the Colombian NG.



On 1 March 2024, the dissemination day “Sustainable and Innovative Reinforced Concrete Structures: Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcements” was held, dedicated to FRP reinforcements as an alternative to steel ones in concrete. The event was organized jointly by many institutions: the Spanish Group of IABSE, the Central Laboratory of Structures and Materials (CEDEX) and the USA multinational comnpany Owens Corning. Read further here ...

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Republic of Korea, China and Hong-Kong

The 3rd IABSE Young Engineers Colloquium, organised by the Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Hong Kong Groups of IABSE, took place from 19 to 20 January 2024. It was a landmark event, uniting 165 participants from Korea, China, Japan, and Hong Kong. 

At the heart of the colloquium was the design competition, a dynamic platform where participants exhibited their creativity and problem-solving prowess. With 17 teams participating and four teams receiving awards, the competition underscored the practical application of theoretical knowledge, promoting a culture of innovation and competitive spirit among the young engineers. The colloquium also recognised excellence in presentation skills through awards, with 5 awards for outstanding oral presentations and 1 award for the best poster presentation. Read further here ...


Remembering Alain Golay

Image Caption

Click Here to read the Obituary

It is with profound sadness that the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) mourns the passing of Alain Golay, our esteemed past Executive Director from 1974 to 2005. Alain (b. 24 July 1946) passed away on 17 March 2024, leaving a profound legacy of leadership, innovation, and dedication to IABSE and its members over decades. Alain Golay received the IABSE Honorary Membership in 2005 due to his outstanding services to the Association, guiding the Association with wisdom and vision during his tenure.


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