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Invitation from the Organising Committee

After successfully navigating the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic to host the IABSE Congress 2021 online, we are delighted to announce that the IABSE Congress 2025 will take place onsite. Scheduled for August 27th-29th, 2025, the Belgian and Dutch National Groups of IABSE will jointly host this prestigious event in the captivating city of Ghent.

Both National Groups are honoured to assume the responsibility of organising the IABSE Congress 2025, stepping in at short notice to replace the originally intended organising committee. This collaboration between the Dutch and Belgian groups not only underscores the rich history of trade and partnership between our nations but also highlights our shared tradition of engineering excellence. By providing a platform for professionals to convene, exchange knowledge, and foster cross-border dialogue in the realm of structural engineering, this joint effort exemplifies the international ethos of IABSE. We extend a warm invitation to students, young engineers, researchers, and seasoned professionals alike to actively engage in the stimulating sessions of this congress.

We eagerly anticipate your participation in the IABSE Congress 2025 and your exploration of the picturesque city of Ghent. Let us join forces to chart new pathways, share insights, and delve into "the essence of structural engineering for society".

Hans De Backer

OC Chair, Belgium

Bert Hesselink

OC Vice-Chair, The Netherlands


The full committee consists of the following members:

Hans De Backer (Chair)

Bert Hesselink (Vice-Chair)


Ane de Boer

Bart De Pauw

Vincent Deville

Alain Dumortier

Bart Janssens

Stijn Joosten

Han Krijgsman

Davide Leonetti

Pierre Mengeot

Amelie Outtier

Bert Snijder

Philippe Van Bogaert

To contact the Organising Committee (OC), please send an email to:


The IABSE Congress Ghent 2025 serves as a paramount international gathering for the structural engineering community, bringing together a diverse array of professionals including scientists, students, designers, contractors, owners, and experts from esteemed international organisations worldwide. This congress serves as a pivotal platform for fostering industry dialogue, exchanging state-of-the-art knowledge, and facilitating invaluable networking opportunities.

As a technical society, IABSE remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the practice of structural engineering, taking into account technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic, and social considerations. The annual IABSE Congresses, held at the end of Summer, represent cornerstone events hosted in various locations across the globe. Featuring a comprehensive three-day technical programme, the congress follows two days of the association's Annual Meetings.

In recent years, the technical Congress has garnered substantial attendance, with participant numbers ranging between 550 and 1000, underscoring its wide-ranging appeal and significant influence within the field.


Gent ICC, Ghent’s convention centre, was built in the 1970s by the famous Ghent architect Bontinck. Even back then, it was already one of the largest purpose-built convention centres in Belgium, thanks to the conference rooms that provided seating for 975 visitors as well as multiple breakout rooms.

Nowadays, the centre has 15 rooms, good for more than 15000 m² of meeting space. It is located just outside the historic city centre and next to the famous museum S.M.A.K. All these elements make ICC Gent an excellent location to host the IABSE Congress Ghent 2025.


Ghent enjoys a strategic central location in Europe, positioned at the nexus of major highways linking Amsterdam, Paris, London, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt. The city boasts convenient accessibility by car, train, and air.

For travellers by car, Ghent sits at the convergence of two vital European arteries: the E17, facilitating travel between Northern and Southern Europe, and the E40, spanning from the North Sea to Eastern Europe.

Efficient rail connections ensure easy access to Ghent from all Belgian and European cities, with Brussels Midi Station a mere half-hour journey away. Thanks to high-speed rail services like Eurostar, Thalys, and ICE, Ghent lies just two hours from Paris and under three hours from London, Amsterdam, and Cologne.

Air travel is equally convenient, with Ghent positioned a short 45-minute drive from Brussels Airport, offering flights to over 70 international destinations serviced by a multitude of international and regional airlines. Additionally, other Belgian airports such as Ostend, Antwerp, Liège, and Charleroi provide direct connections to Ghent, serving various European destinations with ease.


It's no mere coincidence that Ghent, the capital of East Flanders, has been bestowed with a plethora of enchanting titles: from being dubbed the medieval Manhattan to earning acclaim as the historical heart of Flanders, and even lauded as one of Europe's most beautiful historical cities. National Geographic Traveller has hailed Ghent as "the most authentic historic city in the World", while Lonely Planet has crowned it "Europe’s best-kept secret".

This city seamlessly blends its illustrious past with a vibrant present. Ghent boasts an unparalleled diversity of architectural styles and treasures, many of which have been safeguarded as national heritage sites by UNESCO. A leisurely stroll through Ghent often feels like embarking on a captivating journey through the annals of history.

Yet, above all, Ghent pulsates with life! It is the dynamic nucleus of cultural vibrancy, where the youthful spirit of the city thrives amidst a rich tapestry of music, theatre, film, and visual arts. Ghent constantly renews and expands its cultural horizons, where culture itself is a celebration, and every celebration becomes a cultural expression. Whether you're an ardent aficionado of the arts or simply seeking to immerse yourself in its lively ambiance, Ghent offers something to delight nearly every palate.

With over 500 restaurants, a plethora of inviting pubs, charming shopping avenues, and an exhilarating nightlife, Ghent beckons visitors to savour its abundant offerings and bask in its spirited atmosphere.

Social Programme

A social programme will be organised for all Congress delegates and accompanying persons, including the Welcome Reception (included in the registration fee) and the Gala Dinner. An accompanying persons programme will be organised.

Technical Visits

Exciting technical visits to noteworthy projects and research facilities, led by local engineers, are scheduled throughout the duration of the Congress. These visits will be accessible to accompanying persons as well. Further details will be provided in the Final Invitation and on the Congress website, offering participants comprehensive information to plan their experiences.


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