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Commission 3

Structural Analysis and Evaluation

C3 provides a forum for discussion on problems related to structural analysis and evaluation. It aims to promote cooperation and knowledge transfer related to structural analysis and evaluation among global practitioners through online discussion boards, workshops and publications.

Field of Activity
Primarily in the early stages within the next 2-3 years, the commission would highlight on topics revolving around retrofitting of steel bridges. Artificial Intelligence and it is use in analysis is also an interesting aspect that C3 intends to explore. With currently an established Task Group on Super-long Span Bridge Aerodynamics, the commission will continue to promote activities involving wind turbines that are presently operating. In the long-term perspective, C3 aims to tackle topics related to glass and new materials, as well as matters on recalculation and validation/verification of existing constructions.

Current Task Groups under Commission 3

TG3.1 Super Long Span Bridge Aerodynamics
Chair: Giorgio Diana, Italy

TG3.2 Continuing work of FRP structures
Chair: Ane de Boer, Netherlands

TG3.3 NLFEA and Proofloading Acceptation Existing Concrete Structures​
Chair: Ane de Boer, Netherlands

TG3.4 Existing Concrete Structures Simulations of rather similar experiments and post diction analysis of proof loaded concrete structures
Chair: Ane de Boer, Netherlands

TG3.7 Wind turbines - latest developments regarding fatigue (Fatigue and Fracture)
Chair: Markus Knobloch, Germany

TG3.9 Dual-functional electromagnetic damper with energy harvesting
Chair: Yangwen Zhang, Germany

Richard Stroetman, Germany

Vice Chair
Vesa Järvinen, Finland

Core Members
Toru Takeuchi, Japan
Brian Uy, Australia
Andreas Taras, Switzerland
Bert Hesselink, The Netherlands
Stephen Hicks, New Zealand
Dong Xu, China
Yangwen Zhang, Germany

Giorgio Diana, Italy
Ane de Boer, The Netherlands
Mike Schlaich, Germany
Markus Knobloch, Germany

Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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