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Task Groups

Task Groups (TG) are short-term units targeted for well-defined objectives, typically investigation of technical interest or concern. Within a 2-3 year timeline, these groups produce actual deliverables, which may include a publication, a themed conference session or workshop, a suite of papers in 'Structural Engineering International', or other agreed output.

Task Groups that have successfully completed and delivered their task are listed under Completed Task Groups.

Task Group Name under each Commission

Commission 1
TG1.1  Improving Seismic Resilience of Reinforced Concrete Structures
TG1.2  Design of Bridges against Fire Hazards
TG1.3  Calibration of Partial Safety Factors for the Assessment of Existing Bridges
TG1.4  Probabilistic Non-linear Finite Element Modelling – Reliability and Safety Formats
TG1.5  Performance-Based Design Founded on Lessons from Bridge Failures
TG1.6  Benefits for Practical Application of Risk and Reliability Considerations in Structural Engineering
TG1.7  Sustainability-driven Bridge Engineering for Early Design Phases
TG1.8  Design Requirements for Infrastructure Resilience
TG 1.9 Training and dissemination
TG 1.10 Utilization of traffic data in research, design, and assessment of bridges
TG 1.11 Design & Construction Techniques of Well (Caisson) Foundations

Commission 2

TG2.1  Construction History for Design
TG2.2  BIM Basics for Digitalization
TG2.3  Education
TG2.4  Structural Optimization

Commission 3

TG3.1  Super Long Span Bridge Aerodynamics
TG3.2  Continuing work of FRP structures
TG3.3  NLFEA and Proofloading Acceptation Existing Concrete Structures
TG3.4  Existing Concrete Structures Simulations of rather similar experiments and post diction analysis of proof loaded concrete structures
TG3.7  Wind turbines - latest developments regarding fatigue (Fatigue and Fracture)

Commission 4

TG4.1  Bearings & Joints
TG4.2  Applicable Standards And Actions During Construction Stage
TG4.3  Essentials on Construction Methods State Of Art
TG4.4  Risk, Accidents And Incidents During Constrution
TG4.5  Monitoring in Construction
TG4.6  Specific Construtive Challenges in Cable Stayed & na Extradorsed Bridges
TG4.7  Schedulling in Different Construction Methods
TG4.8  Building Equipment Specifications
TG4.9  Cost Efficient Design
TG4.10 Logistics for Bridge Construction
TG4.12  Floating Bridges Construction
TG4.13  Construction Methods With New Materials
TG4.14  Special heavy lifting equipment
TG4.15  Essentials on Foundation Construction
TG4.16  Suspension Bridges
TG4.17  Modular Bridges
TG4.18  Arch Bridges
TG4.19  Summary On Critical Recommendations On Bridge Const. Methods And Processes

Commission 5

TG5.1  Forensic Structural Engineering
TG5.2  Key performance indicators: Definition
TG5.3  Gerontology of Bridge Structures
TG5.4  Structure management systems (SMS): Survey on Implemented Decision-making Models
TG5.5  Conservation and Seismic Strengthening / Retrofitting of Existing Buildings: Historical Structures
TG5.6: BIM in Structure Management
TG5.8: Resilience of existing structures
TG5.9: Remote Inspection of Bridges

Commission 6
TG6.1  Effects of Climate Change on Infrastructures
TG6.2  Disaster Debris Management                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TG6.3 Structural Design with Recycled Aggregate Concrete

 TG6.4   Value Protection of Built Environment

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