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Commission 1

Performance and Requirements

This commission strives to enhance design and assessment strategies as well as support in making decisions for all kinds of civil engineering structures. The commission provides a forum for discussions on recent developments in the field of structural performance and safety highlighting key issues as follows:

Performance is regarded as a measurable result (either qualitative or quantitative) of the structural behaviour and properties within the whole life cycle.

Safety is understood as structural reliability against unwanted events in relation to the structures.

Requirements are defined as guidelines or the set of rules to comply with when dealing with design of new structures. It also involves decisions relevant to existing structures with respect to performance and safety.

Field of Activity
C1 deals with assessment of design loads (in service, environmental and accidental) on one hand and revealing material properties, structural robustness and resistance on the other hand. It discovers advanced numerical modelling and simulations for structural analysis and probabilistic design/assessment methods with appropriate treatment of uncertainties.

The commission tackles critical topics on structural performance and safety of buildings, bridges, tunnels, towers as well as special engineering structures, and covers its requirements, in the design phase and beyond.

The evaluation of structural performance under various actions, both man-made and environmental, includes analytical and experimental approaches for assessment of safety, durability and reliability, security and serviceability, availability and maintainability. C1 will incorporate lessons learned from practice, from collapses and from successes, in creation of applicable guidelines for maintaining structural performance.

Current Task Groups under Commission 1

TG1.1 Improving Seismic Resilience of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Chair: Andreas Lampropoulos, UK

TG1.2 Design of Bridges against Fire Hazards
Chair: Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza, Spain

TG1.3 Calibration of Partial Safety Factors for the Assessment of Existing Bridges
Chair: André Orcesi, France

TG1.4 Probabilistic Non-linear Finite Element Modelling – Reliability and Safety Formats
Chair: Alfred Strauss, Austria

TG1.5 Performance-Based Design Founded on Lessons from Bridge Failures
Chair: Anton Syrkov, Russian Federation

TG1.6 Benefits for Practical Application of Risk and Reliability Considerations in Structural Engineering
Chair: Jochen Köhler, Norway

TG1.7 Sustainability-driven Bridge Engineering for Early Design Phases
Chair: Rasmus Rempling, Sweden

TG1.8 Design Requirements for Infrastructure Resilience
Chair: Nisrine Makhoul, France

TG1.9 Training and dissemination
Chair: Maria Pina Limongelli, Italy

TG1.10 Utilization of traffic data in research, design, and assessment of bridges
Chair: Alan O'Connor, Ireland


IABSE Commission 1 and JCSS are holding together a Workshop on 'Risk Acceptance Criteria in Civil Engineering Decision Making'  from 19.-20 June 2023, Trondheim, Norway

Fill in the form to register and join: Click Here

Workshop Announcement with Full Details: Click Here

Context and content Safety is fundamental in society, and provision of sufficient safety for the users of infrastructure facilities is one of the main obligations for civil engineers. Similarly, it is one of the main obligations for the regulators to provide the framework for the evaluation of safety across types of infrastructures and across industries. However, safety of individuals and associated welfare of the public come at a price. Requirements to safety and acceptable risks to life and health have strong implications on the present allocation of societally shared resources and trade-offs play a crucial role for sustainable societal development. Thus, to ensure adherence to safety, while facilitating optimal and sustainable allocation of publicly shared resources, it is paramount to establish and act in accordance with an adequate rationale. It has for long time been clear to professionals dealing with safety and risk that such a commonly accepted rationale has not yet been implemented.

Presently a variety of incoherent regulations, standards and codes are applied - and what is understood as best practices of safety management may not always be justified with respect to an adequate level of safety, where the resources used are in balance with objectives of the society. In consideration of the significance of safety regulation, the common rationale is evidently missing. The motivation for this workshop is, with a focus on safety management within civil engineering, to bring together the main stakeholders: regulators, public authorities, planners, designers, owners and operators infrastructures as well as leading experts from industry and academia, with the objective to pin down the main reasons for the present situation, to agree on the actions needed to correct the situation and finally on the allocation of responsibilities for implementing these. The workshop is organized by IABSE Commission 1 and JCSS as a structured and facilitated discussion, inspired by targeted presentations from a few selected stakeholders. Experts and stakeholders are specifically invited for contributing and participating in the discussion. The presentations and the discussion at the workshop will be documented in the proceedings. The main emphasis of the workshop is to establish a consensus on how to proceed towards a common understanding and methods for the assesment of risk acceptance in engineering practice and standardisation.

Organising Committee: Jochen Kohler Niels Peter Høj Gerhard Ersdal Jorge Mendoza Espinosa Oskar Larson Ivanov Michael H. Faber.

Contact for further details: Jochen Köhler email at

Niels Peter Høj, Switzerland

Vice Chair
Ana Mandic Ivankovic, Croatia

Core Members
Oskar Larsson, Sweden
Heiki Lilja, Finland
Nisrine Makhoul, France
Maria Pina Limongelli, Italy
Joao Andre, Portugal
Andre Orcesi, France

Andreas Lampropoulos, UK
Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza, Spain
André Orcesi, France
Alfred Strauss, Austria
Anton Syrkov, Russian Federation
Jochen Köhler, Norway
Rasmus Rempling, Sweden
Nisrine Makhoul, France
Maria Pina Limongelli, Italy
Alan O'Connor, Ireland

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8050 Zurich

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