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Structural Engineering Documents 19: Seismic Isolation and Response Control

Edited by Andreas Lampropoulos.

111 pages, in English.

Reviewers: Fabrizio Palmisano (Chief Reviewer), Bahadur Sadan and Alberto Pavese (External Reviewers).

ISBN: 978-3-85748-180-2 (print). eISBN: 978-3-85748-179-6 (PDF),                                978-3-85748-182-6 (ePUB). DOI (Click Here). Size: 170 x 240 mm.                                   

Published: December, 2021. Available at:                 

Publisher: International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), Jungholzstrasse 28, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland,                              Typeset and Copyedited by: Structurae

Watch the video with the Editor and Authors describe the book (Click Here)

Note: Members can download this SED for free in the Members Area. Hardcopy and e-Book (ePDF) can be purchased at the Online Shop. This book has also been translated into Chinese by CABP and is available in China: Click Here.

SED 19 Contributing Authors:                                                                                             

SED 19 Summary:

The seismic resilience of new and existing structures is a key priority for the protection of human lives and the reduction of economic losses in earthquake prone areas. The modern seismic codes have focused on the upgrade of the structural performance of the new and existing structures. However, in many cases it is preferable to mitigate the effects of the earthquakes by reducing the induced loads in the structures using seismic isolation and response control devices. The limited expertise in the selection and design of the appropriate system for new and existing structures is the main challenge for an extensive use of seismic isolation and response control systems in practice.

This document aims to provide a practical guide by presenting a collection of the most commonly used seismic isolation and response control systems and a critical evaluation of the main characteristics of these systems. Comparisons of the key parameters of the design processes for new buildings with seismic isolation are presented, while the application of seismic isolation systems and response control systems for the retrofitting of existing structures is also examined, followed by various case studies from Greece, Japan Mexico New Zealand, and Turkey.

IABSE Bulletin Board: IABSE Bulletin Board: D. Laefer, (Chair), F. Palmisano (Vice-Chair), H.Subbarao, M. Bakhoum, C. Bob, M.W. Braestrup, N.P. Hoej, H.H. Snijder, R. Mor, M.G. Bruschi, S. Kite, F. Nalon, G. Pircher, M. Knobloch, A. Schumacher, O. Larsson Ivanov, F. Nalon, Y. Offir, S. Dan, Y. Xia, V.Samec, A.Palermo.



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