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Towards a Resilient Built Environment Risk and Asset Management (ePDF) The Symposium theme “Towards a Resilient Built Environment – Risk and Asset Management” is highly relevant today when public entities and structural engineers have to make decisions taking into account technical, social, environmental, economic, financial and even political constraints. This requires a holistic approach, using advanced and innovative tools, to get solutions that are both economical and robust but also enhance the sustainability of the built environment. The Symposium is thus targeted at attendees from different stakeholders, from research and industry community, from public agencies and private companies. The Symposium aims at providing an international forum for the debate on issues such as the sustainability of the built environment, risk assessment and asset management in infrastructures. Within the overall Symposium theme, the following topics were selected: Novel Management Tools for the Built Environment; Lifecycle Quality Control of New and Existing Infrastructures; Advanced Frameworks for a Sustainable Built Environment; Risk Analysis Procedures, from Theory to Practice; Future trends in Structural Engineering. Based on over 400 submitted abstracts, received from all over the world, 232 papers were selected for oral presentations. Furthermore, six worldwide experts were invited as keynote speakers to present new developments and outcomes according to the symposium´s topics.

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