Angus Low, UK

This exceptional award is an expression of IABSE’s high appreciation of a member’s dedicated service rendered to IABSE over several years, and the great contributions the member has made to the Association.

Honorary Membership 2019 is presented to Angus Low, UK; ‘in high appreciation of his outstanding and dedicated services to the Association.’


Angus Low has been a member of IABSE since 1991 and was a fellow from 2006-2010. He contributed to and benefitted from a particularly diverse range of IABSE activities. He joined Arup in London in 1968 and has spent most of his career with them, designing bridges. As a theoretician he has presented or written 16 papers to Annual Symposia, Structural Engineering International or the annual Henderson Colloquium, run by the British Group of IABSE. A theme of his topics has been the (neglected) field of Design Theory – deriving relationships between key parameters of structures and parameters of the problem being solved. As a bridge designer he was awarded the Milne Medal by the British Group of IABSE in 2007 for Excellence in Structural Design based on his submission of three recent projects: Arstaviken Viaduct in Stockholm and two cycle bridges in the Netherlands, Nesciobrug and the Drachten Ring. As an organiser he was on the Scientific Committee for Chicago (2008) and London (2011) and on the Organising Committee for London (2011). He organised the Henderson Colloquium on three occasions (1996, 2004 and 2007). He has been a member of the British Group Executive since 1992 and was Secretary of the British Group from 2010-2015. He contributed to IABSE’s Workshop on “The Future Shape of IABSE” in Rotterdam (2013). As a participant he has attended 12 IABSE international events between 1982 and 2013. From 2001-2005 he attended the Working Commission 2 and then joined the SED Editorial Board (now Bulletin Board) and later the Working Group 3 (Guidelines for Design Competitions for Bridges) which completed the work initiated at the Henderson Colloquium (of the same title) which he had chaired in 2007. In retirement he has contributed to some of the Future of Design events which are organised by younger members of the British Group. He and his wife, Melanie, participated in IABSE British Group’s Study Tours to Switzerland (2008), Paris and its region (2010, which they organised), Newcastle and its region (2013) and Athens and its region (2018). He has greatly enjoyed all these involvements and has been an excellent ambassador for IABSE.

Watch this video where Angus Low is talking about his career as a bridge designer: Click Here