Nomination forms

You can download the nomination forms by clicking one of the links for the following IABSE Award categories below,


IABSE People and Papers Awards

IABSE Projects and Technology Awards

IABSE Honorary Membership

IABSE National Group of the Year

IABSE Member of the Year

IABSE Early Career Prize


IABSE Outstanding Scientific Paper Award

IABSE Outstanding Technical Paper Award

IABSE Best PhD Thesis Award

IABSE International Award of Merit

IABSE Award for Small Projects

IABSE Award for Building Structures

IABSE Award for Pedestrian and Cycle Bridges

IABSE Award for Road and Rail Bridges

IABSE Award for Infrastructure

IABSE Award for Rehabilitation

IABSE Award for Innovation in Construction

IABSE Award for International Development

IABSE Gold Star Award