Prof. Yaojun Ge, China - IABSE President

Prof. Yaojun Ge, assumed office on November 1, 2019, as President of IABSE, the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering from 2019 to 2022. He follows Prof. Fernando Branco, Portugal. Founded in 1929, IABSE’s mission is to promote the exchange of knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering worldwide. This year IABSE is also celebrating its 90th Anniversary.

Yaojun Ge is a full-time professor and former chairman of the Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University. He recently left as the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering in China, and is currently the President of the Institution of Bridge and Structural Engineering, China Civil Engineering Society. His fields of expertise are long-span bridge design, dynamics and aerodynamics, and wind resistance for bridges and structures. He has also contributed as a consultant for major Public Works such as the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge (longest sea-crossing project), the Xihoumen Bridge (longest span suspension bridge with box girder), the Shanghai Lupu Bridge (longest span arch bridge in China). Yaojun Ge was the Chair of the Chinese Group of IABSE, a delegate of the Permanent Committee from 2010 to 2018, and has participated as a member in Working Commission 1 and the Outstanding Structural Award Committee of IABSE. He was also a member of the Executive Committee and the IABSE Strategy Group.

Being simultaneously an academic and a bridge consultant, Yaojun Ge joined IABSE at the beginning of this century. He was introduced to the Association by his PhD supervisor, Prof. Haifan Xiang, who was the Vice President of IABSE from 2001 to 2009. He participated for the first time in an IABSE Symposium and Annual Meeting, in Malta in 2001, after that he participated continuously in 17 symposia and IABSE Annual Meetings up to this date, with the exception in Kolkata in 2013, which he couldn’t attend due to a visa problem. He contributed three keynote presentations in IABSE symposia in Weimar 2007, Bangkok 2009 and Vancouver 2017, as well as more than 10 oral presentations in IABSE symposia and conferences.

Yaojun Ge’s main objectives as a President would be to further develop and make IABSE a leading association; to reach more people, to increase the network of its members and, essentially, to bring to the association more young engineers. The plan to increase the network considers, among others, to make the National Groups of IABSE more dynamic, to increase their number, to invite world specialists to lead the creation of new Task Groups, and to encourage Task Groups to contribute to the engineering world with more cutting edge technical information, and also to reach the small countries where IABSE is not yet present.