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9 November 2023: Group photo of last year's tour participants with Kristian Schellenberg (center).

Tour to Mythical Bridges of South-East Switzerland
Organised by Kristian Schellenberg, Equi Bridges Ltd.


Following the event, a two-day bridge tour offers an in-depth view of some of the most amazing bridges in south-eastern Switzerland. The excursion begins and ends at Zurich Main station.


 1. Salginatobel, Schiers  2. Sunniberg, Klosters  3. Tamina, Pfäfers  4. Traversina



 5. Landwasserviaduct, Filisur  6. Valtschiel, Donat  7. Rhinebridge Tamins  8. Zweite Hinterrheinbrücke

1. Salginatobel, Schiers - International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark of ACSE, 1991. Built 1929 by Robert Maillart.

2. Sunniberg, Klosters - IABSE Outstanding Structure Award 2001 Built in 1998 designed by Christian Menn.

3. Tamina, Pfäfers - Largest arch bridge in Switzerland.

4. Traversina - Short walk to the suspension pedestrian bridge overcoming the height difference of 22 m with 176 steps.

5. Landwasserviaduct, Filisur - UNESCO World Heritage Site, 2008.
The 136 m long stone viaduct of the Rhaetian Railway crosses the valley at 65 m height by means of 6 arches. Built in 1902 and renovated 2009.
6. Valtschiel, Donat - With 43.2 m span Robert Maillart’s largest bridge without hinge at the arch center built in 1924. It has been carefully repaired in 2013 and serves as pedestrian bridge, today.
7. Rhinebridge Tamins - 100 m concrete arch bridge built in 1962 and designed by Christian Menn.

8. Zweite Hinterrheinbrücke Reichenau – one of the shortlisted projects for the IABSE Award 2022 for Infrastructure.
9. Italian Bridge in Chur – footbridge of 77 m length completed in October 2020 designed by Bänziger Partner Ltd.  

Date: 13 - 14 November 2024
Start: 13 November 2024, 09.00 Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Main station)
Finish: 14 November 2024, 17.00 Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Main Station)

 Cost: CHF 380 / person
Guided by: Kristian Schellenberg

Cost: CHF 380 / person incl.

  • Bus Transport
  • 2 x Lunch and 1 x Dinner (Simple menu of local dishes)
  • Bed & Breakfast in Bergün for double room (single rooms on request)
  • Entrance into Viamalaschlucht
  • Refreshments
Note: Number of participants is limited to 20, this will be stictly 'first come, first serve'. (Minimum required participants to take place: 13)


Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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