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 Yaojun Ge


The IABSE Congress 2020 originally to be held on the September 2-4, 2020, will now be hosted online on February 3-5, 2021. I compliment the Organisers for changing this Congress swiftly from a classical conference to a fully online conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Please read more about this in the latest message from the Organising Committee here..


IABSE has never held a major international event in New Zealand, and Christchurch represented the first opportunity to participate in an IABSE conference and regret that we are this time deprived from visiting this fascinating country.  


Christchurch is well known as the recovery and bouncing back city following a series of damaging earthquakes including September 4, 2010 and February 22, 2011, which has ever been recorded as the highest peak ground accelerations in the world history. Very many residential buildings, schools, hospitals and infrastructures were demolished, but the city quickly re-constructed sustainable infrastructures and provides a unique view on a city rebuilding, which makes it an excellent example of using resilient technologies and a must-see destination.
It is very fitting that the New Zealand Group of IABSE has selected “Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures” as the theme for our IABSE Congress 2020 since the expression encapsulates the resilient plan and sustainable development of Christchurch. And, resilience and sustainability are of course so much more than just recovery and development. They stand for easy and quick recovery and long-term growth without compromising the ability of future generations. The congress theme will be underpinned by the specific topics including earthquake engineering, durability, forensic engineering, performance-based fire engineering, performance under multi-hazards, rehabilitation and modification of structures, sustainability, and so on.


A special invitation goes out to our younger colleagues the builders of the future to join us. Those born in or after 1986, should take advantage of the “IABSE Young Engineers Programme”, including reduced registration fees and special prizes sponsored by the IABSE Fellows and the Organising Committee.


Overcome time difference and participate in the first IABSE Online Conference through internet, without departing from your home or work place, to gain latest insights in structural engineering and to exchange ideas in Q&A discussions. I look forward to meeting with many of our members and to welcoming many new friends to the IABSE community on our virtual platform.


Yaojun Ge
President of IABSE



The Theme of this IABSE Conference is Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures. The Congress is intended to provide the latest in technology and practice to enable structural engineers to design resilient and sustainable structures.


Who is invited?

IABSE Congress Christchurch 2020 will be a forum to present new ideas, practical applications, and new technologies to engineering staff, engineering managers, researchers, and industry.



Important Dates


Early Registration:

December 18, 2020



February 3-5, 2021