Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, governs the Association according to the aims and means fixed by the Permanent Committee, and represents the interests of the Association in all matters.

The Executive Committee:

- formulates the Standing orders governing the activities of the various groups of the Association
- establishes links with other organisations
- sets up Non-Technical Groups
- assesses the activities of the Technical Committee and appoints its Vice-Chairman and Members
- defines the terms of reference of the Administrative Committee
- elects Honorary Members
- creates prizes and distinctions and elects their laureates
- decides on location, date and theme of conferences



to the Permanent Committee


at least once a year

Contact us: For any queries or to contact the Chair, please write to us at: secretariat@iabse.org


Term Start
Term End

Prof. Dr. Yaojun Ge, Tongji University





Mr. Jose Campos E Matos Portugal Member 2019 2023
Dr. Christian Cremona, Bouygues Travaux Publics France Member 2021 2025

Mr. Jon McGormley, WCE Inc.

United States Member 2021 2025
Dr. Carlos Mendez-Galindo, Mageba SA Mexico Member 2021 2025
Prof. Shunichi Nakamura Japan Member 2021 2025
Prof. H.H. (Bert) Snijder Netherlands Member 2015 2023
Dr. Harshavardhan Subbarao, Construma Consultancy Pvt Ltd India Member 2015 2023
Prof. Dr. Limin Sun, Tongji University China Member 2021 2025
Mr. Ho-Kyung Kim, Seoul University China Member 2021 2025
Dr. Tina Vejrum, COWI A/S Denmark President-Elect 2022 2025
Prof. Thomas Vogel, ETH Zürich Switzerland Member 2015 2023
Prof. Dr. Daia Zwicky, School of Eng. & Arch. Fribourg Switzerland Member 2021 2025
Mr. Chep Uytiepo, IABSE Secretariat Switzerland Ex-Officio 2014