Task Group 2.1
Construction History for Design


Mission Statement/Objectives

To increase awareness of the history of construction, in general, and specifically to promote improvement in design practices involving historic/existing structures as well as inspiration for contemporary design.

Scope & Limitation

In continuation of the work done in the previous construction history group (former WG7) the published an SED book, the group has three major aims:

  • Create guidelines and promote best practices (contemporary construction materials and advanced technologies) for interventions on existing and historic structures
  • Demonstrate how contemporary engineering education and design can profit from construction history through knowledge of and inspiration from works of current or past great engineers (collection of different historic structural systems)
  • Collaborate with the Awards committee to establish an award for heritage structures


Expected Project Output
  • SED for guidelines for interventions on existing structures and historic structures, as well as conference sessions/papers until the SED is completed
  • Individual articles in SEI, papers in conferences, workshops, video interviews or other types of publication/media
  • Recommendations for the Awards committee


Start Date: October 2017
Target Date of Completion: November 2021



  Nicolas Janberg, Germany
  Vice Chair
  Marina Traykova, Bulgaria
  Bill Addis, UK
Annette Bögle, Germany
Eugen Brühwiler, Switzerland
Dario Gasparini, USA
Werner Lorenz, Germany
Eberhard Pelke, Germany
Tom F. Peters, Switzerland
Rob Vergoossen, Netherlands
Antonio Sousa Gago, Portugal
José Romo Marin, Spain
Ignacio Paya Zaforteza, Spain