Task Group 2.2
BIM Basics for Digitalization


Mission Statement/Objectives

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is all the rage these days but hardly anyone fully understands what it really means. Even internationally, BIM has varying representations.

The BIM method is important for future construction projects, therefore we need to know how BIM is understood in an international context.

Scope & Limitation
  • A collection of international information about BIM and digitalization would be compiled.
  • Industry standards (e.g. IFC, BCF) as well as contact information of local organizations (e.g. Building Smart) would be incorporated in the project.
  • Software and tools would be documented for their capabilities and practical use.
  • Special terminology and acronyms would also be compiled and defined for universal understanding.


Expected Project Output

A web-collection and possibly a guidelines booklet.


Start Date: September 2018
Target Date of Completion: November 2022



  Peter Seitz, Germany
  Vice Chair
  Antti Karjalainen, Finland
  Stefan Maly, Germany
Gregor Štrekelj, Austria
Jose Lozano Galant, Spain
Yinghong Cao, USA