Task Group 3.4
Existing Concrete Structures Simulations of rather similar experiments and post diction analysis of proof loaded concrete structures


Mission Statement/Objectives

Acceptation of nonlinear analysis as an extended judgement tool. The extension to the linear elastic design approach is already included in the checking codes, but validation and verification is needed.

Scope & Limitation

Scopes are nonlinear calculations of concrete and composite structures and comparison of the results with experiments. The results of these investigations are summarized in reports and made available to the practice.


Expected Project Output

Expected output are validation/verification reports of experiments or proofloaded structures which are available in the literature or/and recently executed. A list of beams, slabs, culverts and box-girder concrete structures is selected form the literature. Different failure modes are included in these selected experiments. Output is related to the format of the NLFEA Guideline, published in 2017.


Start Date: November 2017
Target Date of Completion: -



  Ane de Boer, Netherlands
  Vice Chair
  Max A.N. Hendriks, Netherlands
Eva Lantsoght, Netherlands
Lennart Elfgren, Sweden
Cor van der Veen, Netherlands
Ab van den Bos, Netherlands