Task Group 5.4
Structure Management Systems (SMS): Survey on Implemented Decision-making Models


Mission Statement/Objectives

Recent IABSE Congresses revealed that the asset management industry, in general, needs:

  • focus on inspection/monitoring as a source for decision making
  • statistical and phenomenological-based performance prediction models
  • enhanced risk-based models
  • expertise of people from practice, agencies and research

This Task Group shall focus its effort on a survey of existing structure management systems (drafted as part of former WG11 work) and possible meetings with key stakeholders. This TG will focus on implemented decision-making models involving various regions and representing different stakeholders, such as operators, academia, consultant etc. Best practices, emerging improvements and promising research results will be identified.


Scope & Limitation

TG 5.4 will focus on bridges, however other structures such buildings, retaining walls, dam systems, power plants and transmission, offshore, may also be addressed whenever relevant (essentially, the built environment). Database systems are not regarded as management systems, and therefore will not be within the scope of this project. The outcome will primarily be retrospective, and further open topics maybe treated in the next period by succeeding Task Groups, e.g. definition of a minimum data set for structure management and data management.


Expected Project Output

The project deliverable anticipated by the Task Group includes the following:

  • SEI Article(s) or a condensed report that will feed into further TG actions covering:
    a. Existing decision-making models (From asset management policies to daily operation)
    b. Characteristics related to structure types/organisations/sectors
    c. Conclusions and outlook


Start Date: September 2018
Target Date of Completion: November 2022



  Poul Linneberg, Denmark
  Vice Chair
  Alfred Strauss, Austria

José Matos, Portugal
Rade Hajdin, Switzerland
Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Japan
Dan Frangopol, USA
Matias Valenzuela, Chile
Mauricio Sanchez, Colombia
Joan Casas, Spain
Bruno Briseghella, China
Colin Caprani, Australia
Helmut Wenzel, Austria
Mariano Zanini, Italy
Thomas Moser, Austria
André Orcesi, France
Andreas Lampropoulos, UK
Xin Ruan, China

Venkatchalam Karthik, India