Task Group 5.8
Resilience of existing structures


Mission Statement/Objectives

The Task Group aims at the defining resilience at a structure level, for existing structures, beginning with the consequences of failure or service disruption of a single or combination of components from a specific structure and following to analyse the consequences to the network level. Moreover, obtaining indicative unavailability times from disruption to recovery is aimed by assuming clustering by different types of existing structures.

Scope & Limitation

Scope of the Task will include determination of resilience of critical structures based on analysis of different components failure scenarios including structural components and service infrastructures.


Expected Project Output

The Task Group proposes to deliver the following results:

  • Database of disruption times attending to a specific component loss on existing structures (expected to June 2021)
  • Development of 1-2 Special Session(s) at the IABSE events
  • Collect the most relevant papers from the organized Special Session(s) and invite the authors for a Special Issue of SEI (planned for 2022)


Start Date:June 2020
Target Date of Completion:30 June 2022


If you are interested to join Task Group 5.8 then please contact the Chair, Dr. Helder Souse sousa.hms@gmail.com



  Hélder S. Sousa, Portugal
  Vice Chair
  Matias Valenzuela, Chile

Solomon Belay, Ethiopia
José C. Matos, Portugal
Miguel Mendoza, Netherlands
Maria Nogal, Netherlands
Alessandro Pucci, Portugal
Mauricio Sanchez, Colombia
Nefize Shaban, Turkey
Nikola Tanasic, Switzerland
Elisabete Teixeira, Portugal