Task Group 6.3
Structural Design with Recycled Aggregate Concrete


Mission Statement/Objectives

Designers and contractors lack confidence in eco-efficient structural materials. It is necessary to provide data to raise that confidence. Guidelines and experience are going to be developed/collected in an SED publication.


Scope & Limitation

Mostly reinforced concrete buildings will be the scope of this task, acting in a global scale. The findings will be based on experimental and analytical research developed so far and within the time range of the Task Group.


Expected Project Output
  • an SED book, to be entitled “Sustainability in Structural Design”
  • an SEI Article based on the project’s findings
  • a guideline document on the use of recycled aggregate concrete


Start Date: September 2018
Target Date of Completion: October 2022



  Jorge de Brito, Portugal
  Vice Chair
  Martin Kirk, UK
  Rui Silva, Portugal
Snezana Marinkovic, Serbia
Jianzhuang Xiao, China
Belén Fonteboa, Spain
Nikola Tosic, Serbia
José Silvestre, Portugal
Guillaume Habert, Switzerland
Miren Etxeberria, Spain
Ravindra Dhir, UK
Chi-Sun Poon, China