Task Group 6.4
Value Protection of Built Environment


Mission Statement/Objectives

The concept of Value Protection of Built Environment deals with a number of uncertainties related to life-cycle and risk assessment and represents an interesting issue both for new infrastructures and for existing ones.


Scope & Limitation

For Structural Engineers as well as for any Stakeholders involved in Constructions process, this topic represents a real key-feature for a sustainable development, especially for seismic areas and, in general, for areas/single constructions exposed to extreme events (natural or caused by humans).

It is quite clear also, that such a theme is extremely interdisciplinary and involves a rather high number of competences, including those of structural engineering, architecture, politics, urban planning, finance, insurances, etc.

If the need to protect buildings and infrastructures from structural damages caused by seismic events can be considered rather well known, in relatively recent times, the same goes for the need to preserve non-structural components and contents, which has become evident within a sustainable approach to long-term management strategies of existing stocks of buildings.


Expected Project Output

Seminar or Workshop based on the project results


Start Date: September 2018
Target Date of Completion: October 2021



  Tobia Zordan, Italy
  Vice Chair
  Xin Ruan, China
  Matteo Gaiardo, Italy
Alp Caner, Turkey
Samuele Infanti, Italy
Luigi Patane, Italy
Yi Wei, China