YEP Board

Watch YEP Chair, Fernando M. Aguirre explain why you should join the YEP Programme and IABSE.
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The Young Engineers Programme (YEP) Board drives engagement of young engineers, both IABSE members and non-members, through activities designed to position IABSE’s global network at the forefront of tomorrow’s future experts in the field of structural engineering.

The scope of the Young Engineers Programme (YEP) involves liaising with conference organizers, advocating for IABSE through social media, and facilitating opportunities to bridge budding engineers with the experts among IABSE Fellows.



Technical Committee


2-4 per year

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Term Start 
Term End
Fernando Madrazo Aguirre United Kingdom Chair 2019 2023
Igor Kavrakov Germany Vice Chair 2019 2023
Marcin Bulkowski Germany Member 2021 2023
Ye Xia China Member 2021 2023
Evan Speer USA Member 2021 2023
Kostantino Kalfas United Kingdom Member 2021 2023
Eleftheria (Elina) Efthymiou United Kingdom Member 2021 2023
Carlos Mendez Galindo Mexico Member 2021 2023
Sébastien Maheux Canada Member 2021 2023
Dominik Skokandic Croatia Member 2021 2023
Ntseuoa Motsieloa South Africa Member 2021 2023
Hélder Sousa Portugal Member 2021 2023
Dimitra Achillopoulou United Kingdom Member 2021 2023
Ainhoa Marin Camero Spain Member 2021 2023
Yangwen Zhang China Member 2021 2023
Simone Omarini Italy Member 2021 2023