Message from the Organising Committee


Mr. I. K. Pandey
Chair, Organising Committee                                


On behalf of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), we take great pleasure in inviting you to New Delhi, India, for the IABSE Congress on the main theme "Engineering for Sustainable Development" on 20th September (Wednesday) to 22nd September (Friday), 2023. The IABSE Congress New Delhi 2023 is organised by the Indian Group of the IABSE. The Congress will take place at the India Habitat Centre and the Inaugural function at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi.


The main goal of the Congress is to create a forum for the debate on why engineering is crucial for sustainable development and why the role of engineers is vital in addressing not only the bridge and structural engineering issues but also the basic human needs. This includes alleviating poverty, supply of clean water and energy, responding to natural disasters, constructing resilient infrastructure, and bridging the development division, among many other actions, leaving no one behind.


The Congress shall focus on the most significant issues of our time, sustainability and the engineer's role in accomplishing this goal. It is hoped that the Congress will serve as a platform for governments, engineering organisations, academia and educational institutions, and industry to forge global partnerships and strengthen collaborations to deliver the Global Sustainability Development Agenda.


We invite the world's engineering fraternity to share their experiences with their colleagues and friends to have unique open discussions and forums on what the future holds for engineering tomorrow's structures. Consultants, Planners, Contractors, Owners, Architects, Associated Experts, Researchers and Practitioners will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on planning, structural design, construction and maintenance issues, future growth and sustainability.


We hope that this IABSE Congress New Delhi 2023 will be an important international event for all those associated with different types of structures above and below the ground. 


Technical Visits to interesting projects and research facilities are planned during the Congress and are open for accompanying persons. More detailed information will be available in the Final Invitation.

About The Organisers

The Indian Group of IABSE is organising the IABSE Congress New Delhi 2023. The Organising Committee (OC) is chaired by Mr. Indresh Kumar Pandey, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Chair of the Indian Group of IABSE.


Organising Committee
I.K. Pandey (Chair)

S.K. Nirmal (Secretary)
B.C. Roy

Harshavardhan Subbarao

R.K. Pandey

Manoj Kumar
Anant Kumar

Gajender Kumar
Dinesh Kumar

A.P. Pathak
S.P. Singla

A.K. Banerjee
Rakesh Kumar Choubey

S.K. Singh
V.P Singh

Manoranjan Parida
Ravi Sinha

B.N. Singh
A.Y. Mahendrakar

R.S. Mahalaha
B.K. Arora


Organising Secretariat

Mr. I K Pandey (OC Chair)
IDA Building, Ground Floor
Room No.12 Jamnagar House
Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110 011
Ph : +91 11 2338 8132; 2338 6724

The Background

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by United Nations in 2015 called for action by 2030 to end poverty, balance economic growth with social empowerment, and take Climate action to save the Planet. In the same year, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change required the nations to set their Nationally Determined Contribution to reduce Global warming. For these reasons, the Indian National Group of IABSE is hosting an International Congress of the IABSE on the theme “Engineering for Sustainable Development” to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences and build partnerships at the international level on innovation climate action and environmental protection.

Objective and Scope 
The Congress will offer an opportunity for discussions and deliberations with a focus on Sustainability. As a body of professionals, IABSE would wish to contribute to achieving the larger Global Goals of Sustainability by using their domain knowledge and experience, further enriched by adaptation and innovation. Broad areas of the Congress may also address the built environment, disaster resilience, innovations (in materials, technologies, design procedures and codes of practices) and carbon footprints. Besides cutting-edge issues, such as mega-structures, high-rise structures, off-shore structures, new and innovative materials, technologies and structural solutions, advanced structural analysis, dynamic behaviour and analysis, digital technology and fabrication, the resilience of structures and cities can also be the subject of discussions. 

About New Delhi

A symbol of the country's rich past and thriving present, Delhi is a city where ancient and modern blend seamlessly. It is a place that not only touches your pulse but even fastens it to a frenetic speed. Home to millions of people, the city takes on the unprecedented responsibilities of realizing dreams by bringing people closer and inspiring their thoughts. All this is combined with the best features of a modern city such as a metro system, bustling markets and fabulous eating places. The past and the present mould seamlessly together, making centuries-old monuments a part of the city's daily life. Delhi is very much a history's child. The story of the city is as old as the epic Mahabharata, when the town was known as Indraprastha, where the Pandavas used to live. Many empires rose to the heights of their power and were destroyed here. Among the prominent dynasties which made Delhi their capital were the Tughlaqs, the Khiljis and the Mughals.


Central Delhi, with its tree-lined avenues, imposing structures and buildings such as the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House and India Gate, reflects Delhi's colonial past. A number of museums provide a glimpse into the country's fascinating history. But the modern Delhi has a lot more to offer. Delhi has a modern, well planned and extensive Metro network that connects all corners of Delhi; this network is still growing. New roadways and flyovers have improved connectivity, the latest of which is the Signature Bridge, an ambitious Cable-cStayed Bridge project in Delhi – it promises to be a landmark. There are world-class stadia like the revamped Nehru Stadium that can be accessed by one and all, throughout the year. All of this has been developed and sustained while maintaining Delhi's green cover, a unique feature that distinguishes this truly global metropolis from other cities in the world where the tree line is subdued by skyscrapers.


The IABSE Congress  venue will be at The Ashok Hotel and India Habitat Centre located in New Delhi, both main hubs of the capital of India.



Congress Format

The scientific program will include Keynote, Plenary and Parallel Sessions over three days. The official language of the Congress is English.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, Contractors, Developers & Policy Makers, Students, Scientists, Experts, 

Designers, and all those who are interested in advances and problems in civil

engineering and structures are invited to join the Congress for the exchange of

experiences, specialist knowledge and information in various fields of structural


Social Programme

A social calendar will include opportunities for social interactions, entertainment, shopping and visits to nearby places of interest. These will be open to participants and accompanying persons.