the Scientific Committee
About the Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee (SC) is under the leadership of Y. Fujino, Honorary Chair, Japan, and Co-Chairs S. Nakamura, Japan and L. Sun, China. The SC consists of expert members from all over the world and is elected by the IABSE Technical Committee, chaired by Prof. Daia Zwicky, Switzerland.


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Themes and Topics
  1. Recent Extreme Events on Infrastructures
  2. AI-based Monitoring and Maintenance of Infrastructures
  3. Development of Long-span Cable-supported Bridges
  4. Digital Inclusion in Structural Engineering

Schedule Overview



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Klaus H. Ostenfeld, Denmark
Independent Expert Consultant, Past President COWI A/S, Former  President of IABSE and Chair of IABSE Foundation

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Change the Way We Think, Plan and Work as Civil- and-Structural Engineers?





Prof. Koichi Kato, Japan
University of Tokyo

Construction in the History of Social Change: Learning from Epidemic in Late Medieval Europe





Dr. Liming Yuan, China
Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd

Rapid Design and Construction Management of Emergency Specialty Field Hospital during the COVID-19 Epidemic




Prof. Youngsang Kwon, Korea
Seoul National University

What Will Happen to Our City After COVID-19?



Topics and Invited Speakers


T1: Recent Extreme Events on Infrastructures

T1-1:  Alessandro Palermo, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
          Bridge damage, repair and recovery: lessons learnt from the 2016 Kaikoura earthquakes and pathway to resilience based design

T1-2:  S. Fujikura, Utsunomiya University, Japan
          Field Investigation and Restoration of Damaged Bridges in 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

T1-3:  K. Nishijima, Kyoto University, Japan
           Disaster of Buildings Caused by Typhoons Jebi and Faxai in Japan

T1-4:  Yaojun Ge, Tongji University, China
          Wind-induced Vibration and Serviceability of Long-span Cable-supported Bridges in China


T2: AI-based Monitoring and Maintenance of Infrastructures

T2-1:   José Matos, University of Minho, Portugal

                    The contribution of AI tools in Intelligent Transportation Management Systems

T2-2:  Pang-jo Chun, University of Tokyo, Japan
          Application of AI to Infrastructure Maintenance and its Future Prospects

T2-3:  Hongbin Xie, China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co.  Ltd., China
           Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and its Artificial Intelligence

T2-4:  HyungChul Yoon, Choongbuk National University, South Korea
           Drone-based Monitoring of Long-suspended Footbridges


T3: Development of Long-span Cable-supported Bridges

T3-1:  Kent Fuglsang, COWI, Denmark

          1915 Canakkale Bridge: A World Record Span Suspension Bridge

T3-2:  Gongyi Xu, BRDI of China Railway, China
          Recent Long-span Rail-and-road Bridges in China

T3-3:  H. Kanaji, Hansin Expressway, Japan
          Cable-stayed bridges on the Osaka Bay Road

T3-4:  Wonsuk Park, Mokpo National University, South Korea
          Dynamics of Long- suspended Footbridges


T4: Digital Inclusion in Structural Engineering

T4-1   T. Nagayama, University of Tokyo, Japan
          Monitoring Taking Advantage of and Materialising Digital Twins

T4-2   Changsu Shim, Chung-ang University, South Korea
          Digital Engineering Model for Prefabricated Bridge Members

T4-3   Wanshui Han, Chang'an University, China

          Digital Fusion and Intelligent Traffic Load Identification

T4-4  Teng Wu, University of Buffalo, USA

                  A cyber-physical system for fluid-structure interaction: wind engineering applications

Recent Structures Display

Recent structures in China, Japan and Korea that have been completed, or are under construction will be displayed/shown during the Lunch Breaks.


Scientific Committee

Y. Fujino, Japan, Honorary Chair

S. Nakamura, Japan, Co-Chair

L. Sun, China, Co-Chair
A. Boegle, Germany
E.K. Cho, South Korea
N.P. Hoj, Switzerland
N. Hussain, Hong Kong
H.K. Kim, South Korea      

A. Lampropoulos, UK
M.G. Limongelli, Italy
J.A. Lozano-Galant, Spain
F. Madrazo Aguirre, UK
A. Martin, Denmark

T. Nagayama, Japan

W. Park, South Korea

X. Ruan, China
L. Rus Jenni, Spain
H. Subbarao, India
T. Takeuchi, Japan
J. Turmo, Spain

C. Xiao, China

G. Xu, China       

T. Yamaguchi, Japan

H. Yoon, South Korea



Yangsigang Bridge, China