Message from the Organising Committee
Dr. Woo-Jong Kim
Chair OC
DM Engineering Co., Ltd
Prof. Junho Song
Vice-Chair OC
Seoul National University


Note: Seoul Conference 2020 originally planned as a ‘classical’ in person conference will now be held as an Online/Offline Hybrid Conference. More information about the format click here..


The IABSE Korean Group is excited to invite you to the IABSE Conference, Seoul 2020, which will be held November 9-10 in Seoul, South Korea. During the past 30 years, the infrastructure in Korea has undergone dramatic growth. More than 60 cable-supported bridges were constructed in this period, and more than 20 bridges are currently under construction. During this boom in construction, Korean engineers have worked with overseas engineers to construct world-famous infrastructures such as the Third Bosporus Bridge, the Chacao Channel Bridge, and the Canakkale Bridge.


During this development period, engineers and researchers have been aware of the necessity to prepare resilient and sustainable strategies and solutions for the infrastructure design and maintenance that are based on knowledge of various risks and uncertainties. The principle of “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP) is now applied to some risk issues for mega-infrastructure projects. However, the types and levels of risk have not been discussed thoroughly yet by engineering and academic societies for infrastructures that include bridges, buildings, tunnels, and ocean and energy structures. Since the issues involving risk are basically based on probability and understanding of infrastructures, the systematic interactions among structural identification, monitoring, knowledge-based maintenance, and the management of big-data are required to develop “Risk intelligence of infrastructures”. 


The Korean Group of IABSE invites you to this special event. We are looking forward to your interest and support.


Dr. Woo-Jong Kim                                      Prof. Junho Song
Chair, Organising Committee                   Vice-Chair Organising Committee



About The Organisers


The Korean Group of IABSE chaired by Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim together with Seoul National University, the Insitute of Bridge & Structural Engineers, and  the Korea Bridge Design & Engineering Research Centre are organising the IABSE Conference Seoul 2020. The Organising Committee is chaired Chair of Organizing Committee Dr. Woo-Jong Kim, DM Engineering.




Secretary: Prof. Wonsuk Park (Mokpo National University)


Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers (KIBSE)
#1003, Sejong Building 25
Gwanak-ro 13-gil, Gwanak-gu
Seoul, 08787

Tel: +82 2 871 8395



Organising Committee

Woo-Jong Kim, Chair    (DM Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Junho Song, Vice Chair  (Seoul National University)

Sung-Pil Chang, Honorary Chair   (Seoul National University)
Hyun-Moo Koh, Honorary Chair   (Seoul National University)

Doobyeong Bae   (Kookmin University)

Jae-yeol Cho   (Seoul National University)

Soojin Cho   (The University of Seoul)
Dong-Ho Choi  (Hanyang University)

Jung-Sik Gong   (Korea University)

Namhee-Kim Hong  (KBRC)
Eui Seung Hwang   (Kyung Hee University
Bo-Soon Kang   (Pai Chai University)

Gyu-seon Kim   (KISTEC)

Sun-Joong Kim   (The University of Seoul)

Sun-Yong Kim   (Wonkwang University)
Chul-Young Kim  (Myongji University)

Haeng-Ki Lee   (KAIST)

Yun Mook Lim   (Yonsei University)
Juhyuk Moon   (Seoul National University) 

Ki-Tae Park    (KICT)
Wonsuk Park  (Mokpo National University)

Yeun Chul Park   (Hannam University)

Sung-Han Sim   (Sungkyunkwan University)

Hoon Sohn, (KAIST)

Ki-Jae Yang    (KISTEC)

Tae-Yang Yoon  (DASCO)
Hyungchul Yoon   (Chungbuk National University)


Advisory Committee

Sukkoo Suh, Chair (KIBSE)
Dong-ho Jeon   (Jeollanamdo)
Sungil Jo  (Seoul Facilities Corporation)Byung-suk Kim   (KICT)
Du-Haeng Lee   (Korea Expressway Co.)
Sung Woo Lee   (Kookmin University)   
Jongsung Sim   (Hanyang University)
Sukkoo Suh   (KIBSE)

Young Suk Park   (Myongji University)



Seoul, Soul of Korea


Centre of politics, economy, and culture for six centuries.
Seoul is a historically cultural city, and has served as the capital of Korea for more than 600 years. It is a metropolis with a population of more than 10 million. Being one of the world’s largest and most advanced cities, Seoul serves as the political, economic, and educational hub of Korea. The city lies in a natural basin surrounded by a series of mountains and hills, and its grandeur and magnificent scenic beauty makes it one of the most attractive metropolitan cities of the world. Aside from enjoying a bustling pace of life and modern architecture, the residents of Seoul take great pride in a number of invaluable cultural assets that showcase the city's long history. (


Gwanghwamun                                                         Han River



Global Education Center for Engineers (GECE, at Seoul National University Online/Offline conference space equipped with latest video and audio systems Large-scale conventions and international events for up to 1,000 people Three video lecture rooms are prepared for IABSE conference Seoul 2020



Conference Format


  • Single plenary sessions
  • Hybrid (online/offline) conference
  • Platform for video conference: zoom
  • Korean participants attend sessions and give live presentations
  • International speakers make presentations via recorded videos or live presentation via zoom
  • Q&A is coordinated by the session chairs via live chat or on-site questions
  • Opening ceremony and most keynote lectures start from 5pm Seoul (9am Zürich)
  • The wrap-up session runs in real-time discussion
  • Presentations can be watched online for two months
  • Limited access only to registered participants in online and offline