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Technical Programme

    Dr. Harshavardhan Subbarao

    Chair of the Scientific Committee

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, I am very pleased to invite you to the IABSE Congress in New Delhi, India from 20th September (Wednesday) to 22nd September (Friday), 2023 on Engineering for Sustainable Development. The Congress is being organised by the Indian National Group of the IABSE.

The main theme is “Engineering for Sustainable Development”, a theme most pertinent and relevant to our times. Whilst the various sub-themes will have an emphasis on sustainability issues, in keeping with the UN’s declared Sustainable Development Goals; there is also the possibility of traditional topics and sub-themes.

The Technical Programme will include renowned Keynote Speakers, Plenary and Parallel Sessions, and technical visits will be organised. All written papers submitted are peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Session formats will be paper presentations, panel discussions, special forums, Young Engineers Programme and workshops. In addition, there will be outstanding Key Note addresses. The large majority of the presentations will be delivered orally in normal sessions, nevertheless, special sessions will take place as well.

Commissions & Task Groups of IABSE can apply to have their own special sessions. Keynote Speakers will introduce relevant topics to the theme and give state‑of-the‑art lectures. We have also organised a Technical Exhibition showcasing the latest developments, which will offer tremendous opportunities for networking, collaboration and furthering your business prospects.

We look forward to your contribution and participation in the IABSE Congress 2023 and to meeting you in New Delhi. We are eager to welcome you!

Dr. Harshavardhan Subbarao

Chair of the Scientific Committee, India 

About the Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee (SC) is chaired by Dr. Harshavardhan Subbarao, India with Co-Chair B.C. Roy, India. It consists of 97 members from 31 countries. The SC is elected by the Technical Committee of IABSE, chaired by Tobia Zordan, Italy.

Important Dates:

Call for Abstracts opens

Deadline of Abstracts Submission 

Notification of Abstracts Acceptance

Submission of Full Papers

Final Invitation, Registration opens

Notification of Full Papers Acceptance

Early Bird registration deadline: Extended

IABSE Annual Meetings

IABSE Congress

      20 June 2022

                            31 January  2023

      15 February 2023

       15 April 2023

        30 June 2023

                                   30 June 2023

      07 August 2023

      18 - 19 September 2023

      20 - 22 September 2023

Submission of Abstract is now closed.

Congress Proceedings
The Congress proceedings will be available in electronic format at the beginning of the Congress. Authors must register for the Congress in order to have their paper presented in the Congress and published in the proceedings.

Themes and Topics

Engineering for Sustainable Development


  • Initiatives of Professional Bodies for Sustainable Built Environment
  • Sustainability through the life cycle of the project
  • Service-life of sustainable structures
  • Disaster mitigation for Sustainability
  • Sustainability in Transportation Structures
  • Sustainable Urban Habitat and Smart Cities
  • Evolving Design Standards & Codes for Sustainability
  • Preserving Heritage Structures
  • Poverty alleviation centric materials and technology for built environment
  • Climate change adaptation and disaster resilience
  • Case Studies in Sustainable Materials, Technology & Practices
  • Climate change impact on structural safety
  • Sustainability Road Map for India
  • Engineering education with Sustainability Focus
  • Conventional and Special Structures
  • Special Sessions.

Technical Programme
The scientific programme will include Keynote, Plenary and Parallel Sessions over three days. The official language of the Symposium is English.

Keynote Speakers

 S.S. Chakraborty

 Engineering Solutions for Sustainable Development

 Hon. Fellow, IABSE FNAE, F.I.C.E. (UK), F.I.E., F.I. STRUCT E. (UK), F.I.E., India

 Helena Gervasio

Code of Practice For Sustainable Structures

ISISE, Dep. of Civil Engineering, University of Coimbra, Portugal

 Petr Hájek

 Changing Climate and Sustainability of Built Environment

 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Republic

 Anurag Jain

 New Initiatives to Sustainable Infrastructure Growth in India

 Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt of India

  David MacKenzie

 Upgrade & Retrofit of Existing Infrastructure & How it Contributes to   Sustainability to Extend the Service Life of Structures

 Senior Technical Director, COWI UK Limited, United Kingdom

  Arun Menon

 Sustainable Development Goals and the Debate of Demolition Versus Conservation in a Developing Economy

 Professor of Structural Engineering Coordinator, National Centre for Safety of Heritage Structures (NCSHS), INDIA

 Leena Nandan

 Sustainable Development Pathways to address Climate Change

 Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate ChangeGovt of India

 Sanjay Pant

 Role of Indian Standards & Special Publications Orienting Towards Sustainability Causes

 Dy Director General (Standardization) Bureau of Indian Standards, India

Final Technical Programme

Congress Programme 

Special Session

Existing Bridges - Our Vital Responsibility in BIM Environment 

Vanja Samec, Chair of IABSE Task Group 5.6, “BIM in Structure Management”

New Indian Guidelines on Cable Stayed Bridges and Extradosed Bridges

Mahesh Tandon, Alok Bhowmick, V.N. Heggade, Harshavardhan Subbarao and U.K. Rajeshirke

Pre-Congress Workshops and Registration Fees

For Pre-Congress Workshop, registration click here:

PCW-1 Forensic Engineering (Download the Brochure)

19 September 2023

John Duntemann, Karel Terwel, Laurent Rus Jenni , Harshavardhan Subbarao, V.N. Heggade and Alok Bhowmick 

Young Engineers & Students- 140 *

Other Delegates- €185*

The short course is aimed at structural engineers who want to acquire a working knowledge of forensic structural engineering, practicing forensic engineers who want to learn from and share with other practitioners, and designers and constructors who want to use lessons learned from failures to understand design errors and construction defects with the ultimate aim to mitigate design errors and construction defects. Further information is here for the Workshop.

PCW-2 Tie and Strut Models (Download the Brochure)

18-20  September 2023

Arndt Goldack, Vasant Matsagar, Mike Schlaich

Young Engineers & Students- 150 *

Other Delegates-€200 *

The workshop is focused on the topic of Strut and Tie Modeling (STM) for designing reinforced concrete elements. STM is a method used when traditional bending design approaches are inadequate. Developed by Jörg Schlaich and Kurt Schäfer in the 1980s and 1990s, this method is based on Ritter's truss analogy. STM is particularly useful for designing discontinuity regions (D-regions) in concrete elements such as beams, including areas like bearings, corbels, dapped beams, openings, frame corners, anchorages, and shear connections in T-beams.

The workshop not only covers the theoretical aspects of STM and its basics, but it also provides practical insights and exercises for effective application. Therefore, the workshop aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of STM, along with ample time for participants to engage in individual exercises to strengthen their practical skills in using the method.

* Plus GST @ 18% 

Young Engineers Programme
Delegates born in 1989 or later will enjoy reduced registration fees. In addition, a jury will present the Young Engineers’ Contribution Award to two young authors, born in or after 1989, who have personally presented their paper during the Congress. The prize is sponsored by the IABSE Fellows and the Organizing Committee. These awards consisting of financial prizes will be presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress.

The Congress will include an exclusive Speed Networking Session, offering young engineers the opportunity to network with prominent IABSE professionals (due to YE spaces being limited and YE needing to reserve ahead of time). It will give young engineers the opportunity to enhance their communication and presentation abilities as well as receive advice from experienced professionals from various international backgrounds. The experienced professionals will also get the opportunity to meet enthusiastic new engineers, expand their network, and even potential candidates for positions.

The Pecha Kucha Session will add a creative touch. Young engineers will be able to give lively presentations with striking images. For ice-breaking activities, a Reserved Bar provides a relaxed environment. The Structure and Bridge Model Competition encourages young engineers to work in teams to build model structures.

To learn more of the Special Activities organised for young engineers at the Congress New Delhi 2023. To register, please click the link below for further details: YEP Activities

Technical Visits

A three-day optional technical visit to interesting structures near Delhi during the Congress is planned. Please note that the confirmation of these tours will offered to first 35 participants booked for each tour.The tours will also be open to any interested accompanying persons. 

Technical Tour Booking Form:

Delhi Metro  

A fascinating Technical Tour of the Delhi Metro, where you will discover the inner workings of one of India's most impressive transportation systems. This tour provides an exclusive opportunity to explore the various stations, depots, and engineering marvels that make up the Delhi Metro network. Led by experienced professionals, you will delve into the intricacies of the metro's planning, design, construction, and operation. Witness the cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and innovative features that have made the Delhi Metro a shining example of efficient urban transportation.

Date: Wednesday, 20th September 2023

Time: 14:30 - 18:30 Hrs

Extradosed Barapullah Bridge

An enlightening Technical Tour of the extradosed bridge over the Barapullah drain in New Delhi. This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the innovative engineering behind this remarkable structure. Led by knowledgeable guides, you will delve into the design, construction, and unique features of the extradosed bridge. Marvel at the blending of aesthetics and functionality that makes this bridge a standout landmark in New Delhi.

Date: Thursday, 21st September 2023

Time: 14:30 - 18:30 Hrs

 The Signature Bridge 

Embark on a captivating Technical Tour of the iconic Signature Bridge in Delhi. This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the engineering marvel that has become a symbol of modern architecture. Led by knowledgeable guides, you will delve into the intricacies of the design, construction, and structural elements of the Signature Bridge. Marvel at the impressive span, innovative features, and aesthetic beauty of this landmark structure.

Date: Friday, 22nd September 2023

Time: 09:30 - 14:00 Hrs

Scientific Committee


Harshavardhan Subbarao, Chair, SC,  India
Bidhan Chandra Roy, Vice-Chair, SC, India
Alok Bhowmick, Secretary, SC, India
Umesh Rajeshirke, India
Venkataramana Heggade, India
Varsha Agarwal, India

Aditya Sharma, India
AFM Saiful Amin, Bangladesh
Akio Kasuga, Japan
Alastair Soane, United Kingdom
Alfred Strauss, Austria
Amitabha Ghoshal, India
Ana Mandić Ivanković, Croatia
Ananth Ramaswamy, India
Andre Orcesi, France
Andreas Lampropoulos, United Kingdom
Andreas Taras,  Switzerland
Ane de Boer, The Netherlands
Ann Schumacher, Switzerland
Anton Syrkov, Russia
Arndt Goldack, Germany
Atul Bhobe, India
Bert Hesslink, The Netherlands
Bruno Briseghella, Italy
Carlos Mendez-Galindo, Mexico
Christian Cremona, France
Colin Caprani, Australia
Dan Frangopol, USA
Daniel Ureña Muñoz, Costa Rica
Debra Lafer, USA
Eftychia Apostolidi, Austria
Eugen Brühwiler, Switzerland
Fabrizio Palmisano, Italy
Fathy Saad, Egypt
Fernando Madrazo-Aguirre, United Kingdom
Guy Larose, Canada
H.H. (Bert) Snijder, The Netherlands
Haiying Ma, China
Hélder Sousa, Portugal
Helena Gervásio, Portugal
Hyun-Moo Koh, Rep of S. Korea
Ian Peter T. Firth, United Kingdom
Ignacio Paya Zaforteza, Spain
Igor Kavrakov, Germany
Indresh Kumar Pandey, India
Jan Bien, Poland
Jan Biliszczuk, Poland
Jan Wium, South Africa

Joan Ramon Casas, Spain
Jonathan McGormley, USA
Jorge de Brito, Portugal
José Matos, Portugal

Katrin Habel, Canada

Luigi Fenu, Italy

Luís Oliveira-Santos, Portugal

Mahesh Tandon, India

Maria Pina Limongelli, Italy

Marion Rauch, Germany

Mike Schlaich, Germany

Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Japan

Mohan Jatkar, India

Mourad Bakhoum, Egypt

Narayan Pal, India

Padmakar Manjure, India

Paul Mullins, Malaysia

Paweł Hawryszków,  Poland

Peter Seitz, Germany

Petr Hájek, Czech

Raad Abdul-aziz, Switzerland

Rade Hajdin, Switzerland

Rajiv Ahuja, India

Ravindra Gettu, India

Redla Chakrapani, India

Richard Stroetmann, Germany

Rob Vergoossen, The Netherlands

Ronur Jaigopal, India

Sakai Koji, Japan

Sanjay Kumar Nirmal, India

Sébastien Maheux, Canada

Shunichi Nakamura, Japan

Sorin Dan, Romania

Sougata Roy, USA

Stefan Zmigrodzki, Canada

Stephanos Dritsos, Greece

Steve Kite, Hong Kong, SAR China

Svein Erik Jakobsen, Norway

Tamon Ueda, Japan

Thomas Vogel, Switzerland

Tina Vejrum, Denmark

Tobia Zordan, Italy

Venkatram. P. G, India

Vijay Kulkarni, India

Vikram Pakrashi, Ireland

Vinay Gupta, India

Xin Ruan, China

Yaojun Ge, China

Ye Xia, China


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