Permanent Committee

The Permanent Committee - the highest body of the Association - determines the long-term objectives of the Association, encourages, promotes and controls its activities and ensures that the necessary means are available.

The Permanent Committee elects the President of IABSE, the Executive Committee and the Auditing Committee, approves the annual accounts of IABSE, the budget, and the amount of membership fees. It decides on new membership categories and amendments to the By-laws.


at least once every year.


The number of delegates of a National Group is fixed in the By-laws:
- 1 delegate for a Group with 6 - 24 members
- 2 delegates for a Group with 25 - 49 members
- 3 delegates for a Group with 50 - 99 members
- 4 delegates for a Group with 100 - 199 members
- 5 delegates for a Group above 199 members

Term of Office and Election

according to rules or customs of the respective National Groups.

Contact us: For any queries or to contact the Chair, please write to us at:

National Groups must ensure to be properly represented at the Permanent Committee Meeting. 
This year changes to the list below must be submitted to before September 30, 2021.


The list of Permanent Committee Delegates can be found here..


Membership Statement indicates the number of delegates per country as of January 1, 2021.